Case Study

'Find & Treat' Mobile Scanning Service

Client: Spargonet & UCLH (NHS)

Sector: Healthcare

4D service: Cloud

Location: London, UK

Key results

  • 100% UK owned and based cloud
  • 100% Secure  
  • 99.999% Uptime


  • Users can share clinical data fast and securely  
  • Hundreds of patients scanned and treated

"We could not wish for a better partner for the provision of cloud services."
Stan Lawrence, ICT Director, Spargonet




Stan Lawrence, ICT Director at Spargonet, on his experience with 4D:

What is 'Find & Treat'?

Spargonet developed the software and integrated systems that enable the NHS (specifically UCLH) to provide mobile scanning units for TB patients across London under a program called “Find&Treat”. These units bring NHS services directly to the people who need them and the hospitals then access the scans to make rapid diagnoses and treatment plans.

To put it into context, Find&Treat is more than a scanning van, it's a specialist outreach team that works alongside over 200 NHS and third sector front-line services to tackle TB among homeless people, drug or alcohol users, vulnerable migrants and people who have been in prison. Patients often have problems accessing hospital based diagnostic services and completing a minimum of six months daily drug treatment. The Find & Treat initiative takes TB control into the community, finds cases of active TB and supports patients through treatment and recovery.

A Private Cloud service fit for the NHS

4D Cloud provides Spargonet with a secure, UK-only, private cloud space where those applications, the scans and data they create is stored. The cloud space is swiftly and securely connected to hospitals via a VPN. And because 4D Cloud is a UK business we deliver 24/7/365 service and support from our ISO 27001 data centres as required.

Client Feedback

4D client Stan Lawrence, ICT Director at Spargonet, provider to the NHS, says: "4D’s service has proved to be rock solid, totally stable and totally secure for the needs of Spargonet and our clients. With 4D Cloud being provided to Spargonet for both public and private sector clients, the security has to be right, and 4D security is airtight – they maintain their audits and improve their methods to ensure it stays that way. In addition, unlike other providers, 4D Cloud is 100% UK owned and based – a critical factor when dealing with Public Sector clients. Spargonet could not wish for a better partner for the provision of cloud services."

Independent Evaluation

Both the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Health Protection Agency have independently evaluated the service and demonstrated the ‘Find&Treat’ program to be highly cost effective and potentially cost saving.

About Spargonet

Spargonet is an independent, UK-based IT Services organisation which provides business-driven IT solutions across four core competencies: Mobile, Data, Development and Support Services. They successfully deliver projects to a portfolio of blue chip clients and fast growing small to mid-sized companies. 

Press Coverage

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