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How Hybrid IT enables digital transformation

At the heart of any fast-growing business are two major IT challenges:

  • Scaling your IT resources -To meet the demand of more users, more clients, more data, more quickly
  • Keeping abreast of emerging technology - To make the process faster, cheaper and more reliable.

Not all emerging technology suits all workflows though – you need the right platform for every task. Discovering and implementing the tools that can optimise your workflows is part of the ongoing digital transformation process. How those different systems work together in the most efficient way possible is Hybrid IT.

Digital transformation – first the roadmap, then the road

If digital transformation is a journey, there are still many directions that you can take. We’re here to act as both guide and engineer, helping you identify the best possible route and laying the groundwork to make it possible. We offer:


Vendor neutral advice

We’re not wedded to any specific cloud or connectivity service provider, so we will always point you towards the solution(s) that best meet your needs.


A client-focused ecosystem

Our data centres are home to hundreds of UK-based MSPs. When you join us, you become part of this ecosystem – gaining access to suppliers and even becoming a recommended supplier yourself.


Security and reliability

Some of our first customers were healthcare and financial services providers, so our data centres and cloud platforms were built with their standard of security and reliability in mind.


Flexible and scalable

From express routes to public cloud services, to PAYG colocation rackspace, we can help you scale your IT infrastructure in a way that works for you.


Sustainable innovation

We are one of the few colocation data centres to offer both rear door and immersive cooling for HPC systems, both of which run off our eco-friendly, award-winning, cooling tower system.


Industry-leading expertise

Our CEO is the Vice Chair of the UK Data Centre Council, giving us advance notice of all the upcoming technology trends and regulations that may affect our customers