Fast and reliable connectivity

Our network benefits from core links into Telehouse North, Telehouse East and Digital Realty Meridian Gate – the three most well-connected data centres or carrier hotels in the UK. This allows interconnections with Tier-1 transit providers such as GTT, TI Sparkle and Telia.

Whether your business requires a simple leased line connecting to your office, a high-speed Gigabit connection, or a cross-connect to another provider, we can provide a connectivity solution to suit you.

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4D's multi-homed core network

Our core network enables quick and seamless data transit between the locations of your computer systems, no matter where they are in the country.

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Low latency and high performance for all your network traffic?  Yes and yes.

Our network is designed with performance, speed and resilience as our driving force – all of which we can deliver, thanks to our choice of hardware, partner connectivity providers and our Cisco certified engineers who maintain and operate our infrastructure.

We’re so confident in our network that we guarantee 99.999% uptime.

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What is a core network?

A core network is also known as a backbone network because it’s the essential backbone on which all of your data is transferred.

It is the infrastructure that connects together the different networks that make up your computer system. A reliable core network is what enables quick and seamless data transit between the locations of your computer system, 24/7 and no matter where they are in the country.

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More than just a connection

Our core network is so much more than wires and switches. It’s a comprehensive approach to connectivity, with an understanding of what that connectivity means to you.



Our optical network has resilient paths delivered into each of our data centre facilities with fully diverse and redundant optical equipment from Ciena and ADVA.



Need to scale up? No problem. We have the flexibility to quickly bring online additional capacity, whether that be at 10Gbps, 40Gbps or 100Gbps.


Experience & Support

We have been running a fully multi-homed network as AS (Autonomous System) Number AS31463 since 2004. We’ve never met a connectivity challenge we couldn’t solve. Our NOC monitors the network 24/7/365 giving you total peace of mind that your connectivity is protected.


Carrier neutral diversity

Close to 1 million routes, some of the finest Tier 1 transit providers, and over 500 directly peered networks.  This ensures the lowest latency and best performance for your network traffic through the multiple carriers who have Points of Presence (POP) at our data centres.


IP addresses

We are a RIPE NCC Local Internet Registry (LIR), meaning we can allocate and manage our own IP Address space effectively. We manage close to 25,000 of our own addresses. 



Our Cisco certified network engineers maintain service provider class Cisco routers and switches throughout our core and edge network, ensuring availability, reliability and performance.

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