High-performance connectivity you can depend on

When your business relies on the internet, you need connectivity services. Our data centres connect into London's highest performing internet exchanges, bringing you fast and reliable connectivity for your IT infrastructure through a combination of Tier 1 carriers, local peering and our own dark fibre network

Check out our core network map and our connections to IP transit providers and carriers

Network Map

IP transit – IPv4 and IPv6 supported

We offer full transit services, providing you with all the routes available on the internet to safely deliver your IP traffic to and from every location and fed directly from our Cisco ASR-based core network, which has over 100+ Gbps of capacity.

Brief 4-95th Percentile-v6

Budget-friendly 95th percentile billing

95th percentile billing - also called burstable billing - allows you to burst over your committed data rate without anything extra.

At the end of each billing period, your bandwidth is calculated and the top 5% of usage is discounted, so you only pay for the first 95%. This ensures you get the most out of your internet connection while keeping costs down - without being restricted by caps or usage limits.

  • IPv4 and Ipv6 supported (dual-stack)
  • Multiple tier-1 carriers and peering exchanges
  • Fully-resilient Cisco ASR based network
  • Over 100+ Gbps of current network capacity

Data centre interconnects

Our dedicated UK fibre network provides a transparent, layer-2 connection (with full support for 802.1q/QinQ vLANs) between any of our on-net locations. Connections are provisioned to deliver full end-to-end resilience. Should there be a fault within our core network due to a fibre break or equipment failure, then your connection will re-route almost instantly, ensuring your date still gets through.

Benefits of a data centre interconnect with 4D:

  • Expand your network to new sites quickly and cost-effectively
  • Benefit from temporary connectivity between sites when migrating
  • Reduce leased line costs by connecting to a PoP close to your office
  • Save on IP Transit or internet access costs compared to using VPN tunnels
  • Connect to customers in remote locations
  • Connect to private peering partners or third-party carriers in remote locations
  • Chose from the following port speeds: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps
  • Run your own VLAN tags with no intervention from us

Optional features

  • Managed Firewalls including access controls, VPNs, intrusion prevention and anti-virus/anti-spyware
  • Managed Switches ensuring coniguration, monitoring, alerting and fault resolution
  • Separate back-up circuits with failover for resilience
  • Point-to-Multipoint services

Wavelength (Point-to-point) interconnects

Wavelength services enable you to directly connect two locations without traversing a provider's core - hence why they are sometimes called point-to-point connections.

We use our network of trusted carriers and dark fibre network to provide low latency, high capacity connectivity from your rack to almost anywhere in the world


Cloud Connect - seamless hyperscale interconnectivity

As essential workloads move to multiple clouds, you need to make sure the connections to your cloud environments are reliable and cost-effective. Our Cloud Connect service allows you to take advantage of 4D’s powerful high-speed network to establish a direct private connection to multiple public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

  • Better performance – lower latency, higher throughput; cloud interconnects terminate directly into your rackspace, cloud platforms or leased lines
  • Access to ultra-fast speeds – dedicated speeds from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps
  • Optimised costs – reduce data egress fees associated with public internet transfer
  • Increased security – reduce exposure to 3rd party interception and malicious disruption

Make a positive connection

As owner-operators of award-winning data centres, we offer one of the fastest-growing networks in the South of England.  Our consultative approach and decades of experience in the industry mean there is no challenge too big or complex for us to solve.


Diverse and strong

With multiple tier-1 IP Transit providers, our own dedicated fibre network and dedicated fibre connections, our connectivity services promise the highest levels of resilience, ultra-low latency and high capacity – up to 100Gbps.


99.999% network uptime

Thanks to our diverse network of carriers, we are able to provide the highest levels of redundancy. This enables us to promise you 99.999% uptime – a promise that is part of our SLA.


24/7/365 support

Your connectivity and managed network devices are monitored and supported by our Cisco-certified engineers, based out of our Network Operations Centre. This support is just one of the ways in which we fulfil our SLA.


4D internet

We don’t just sell on other networks, we’re also an internet service provider ourselves, so you know we have the expertise, experience and control to deliver on our uptime promises.

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