Ultimate cloud connectivity with maximum simplicity

Whether you’re cloud-first, cloud always, or cloud where it works, you need easy connectivity that enables you to move data from one platform to another without disruption or delay. With 4D’s Cloud Connect services you’ll utilise the strength and power of our network, plus the expertise of our Cisco-certified engineers, to achieve fast, seamless connectivity.

Take advantage of 4D's powerful network - your private fast lane to the cloud. 

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Fast and reliable connections between cloud environments

When your workflows are spread across multiple clouds, you need the connections between those cloud environments to be fast, reliable and cost-effective.


Critical workloads on multiple clouds? 

We'll make sure the connections to your cloud environments are reliable and cost-effective.  Cloud Connect allows you to take advantage of 4D’s powerful network to establish a direct private connection to all the major public cloud and SaaS platforms.

  • Fast deployment without additional complexity
  • Flexibly and rapidly increase performance and scale
  • Reduce security risk with dedicated Ethernet connectivity


Speed, security and performance - that's Cloud Connect

From dedicated access to a single cloud service provider to multi-cloud connectivity, or direct cloud-to-cloud connection between services, 4D's Cloud Connect is a simple solution to achieving direct private connectivity. 


Better performance

Lower latency and higher throughput enable you to achieve seamless performance – not just from your system to the cloud, but also between clouds.


Increased security

With direct, private connections, your exposure to 3rd party interception and malicious disruption is significantly reduced, giving you greater security while your data is in transit.


Access to ultra-fast speeds

Get your data in and out of the cloud super fast. We’re able to support speeds from 1Gbps up to 100Gbps, and anything in between.


Optimised costs

Reduce your data egress fees associated with public internet transfer and take advantage of the incentives offered by public cloud providers to connect directly.

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