Seek out vulnerabilities - and eliminate them

Cyber attackers are constantly looking for ways to break into popular programmes and operating systems, and once they are in, your data is at risk.

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Keeping threats at bay

Though software developers try to keep threats at bay, you need to undertake your own security measures, too. Vulnerability scanning and threat monitoring services provide:

  • Full visibility of IDS/IPS logs and firewall events
  • Automated scanning of your networks, applications and systems
  • Threat monitoring

Continuous vulnerability management

In a data-driven world, no one can afford to let their guard down. That’s why continuous vulnerability scanning and threat monitoring are key to a comprehensive security approach.

  • See it, sort it - Identify vulnerabilities so that you can act on them quickly
  • Improved awareness – The more you know about your vulnerabilities, the greater your ability to improve overall security
  • Achieve compliance – Regular vulnerability scanning is a requirement of PCI:DSS and other regulations
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Our partner in crime prevention - Nessus Professional

Nessus Professional is the de facto industry standard for vulnerability scanning, capable of scrutinising every element of your IT infrastructure – from your website to your back-end database.

Point-in-time assessments help us easily identify software flaws, missing patches, malware and misconfigurations, so you can eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. We have chosen this system because we believe it is the best performing tool in the business.

Reduce your exposure to cyber attack

Threat Monitoring provides reassurance that your protection is working, as well as an early warning of attempts to breach your defences. Our portal provides a complete picture of the threats, breach attempts and successful mitigation that is occurring.


Easy to read

Using a traffic light system, our automatic reporting is easy to digest


Regular reporting

Keep abreast of vulnerabilities and severity, so you can prioritise


Daily updates

New vulnerabilities and attack vectors are flagged and added daily


Patching assistance

Recommended resolutions and advice on how to mitigate vulnerabilities