Choose peace of mind

Backups-as-a-Service ensures you have ready access to all your files all the time so that if the worst happens, restoring your systems and data is quick and easy.

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  • Easy to use - Once configured, backup is automatic, minimising management time.  
  • Online management - Our reporting system provides you with full visibility of all your backups, including their health and when they’re scheduled to run.  You can also schedule new backups, restore complete system images or single files and even create customer backups.
  • High performance - Our platform can take incremental backups of your data every 15 minutes, improving the speed of replication and reducing the impact it has on the performance of your server.
  • Backup replication - If you need the extra security of an off-site copy (in addition to your primary backups), we can provide replications in each of our data centres in Surrey and Gatwick.

Backups save businesses

How would you cope if your system went down and was unrecoverable? What would happen to your data if you suffered a ransomware attack? Continuous backups ensure you never have to find out.

With our cloud-based Backups-as-a-Service package, your backup data is stored in one of our UK-based data centres, and recovery is as simple as clicking a button. What’s more, our on-site team of technical engineers is available 24/7 to provide support and advice whenever you need it.

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Industry-leading modern data protection

Veeam Cloud Connect is a technology that allows 4D to easily set up and maintain a secure, multi-tenant environment for hosting off-site backups and replicated virtual machines.

As a cloud-based system, it is secure, cost-effective, and offers:

  • Backup: Built for speed, portability, and comprehensive coverage.
  • Instant recovery: Make recovery objectives a reality.
  • Security: Protection from ransomware and cyber threats that are secure by design.
  • Storage: Keeps costs down with faster backups available at infinite scales.

Reliable backups from anywhere, tailored to you

From public cloud providers like AWS or Azure and private cloud environments or your own hardware - in a satellite office or hosted in one of our data centres, whatever your infrastructure setup, we can configure a backup solution that works for you. 


Define your schedule

We'll help you define your backup retention policies, assign how often backups are run and the number of recovery points and automatically merge old recovery points, and recycle the storage for new backups and recovery points.



Our Backup-as-a-Service platform supports Windows and Linux as clients and has native support for Microsoft SQL and Exchange, MySQL, MariaDB and major virtualisation platforms.


Safe and secure

With 4D, your data is protected by end-to-end encryption in transit and by our comprehensive physical and cyber security in our totally secure data centres.


Bare metal restores

File by file restoration can be a lengthy process. Utilising bare metal restoration efficiently transfers all your data at once – quick and easy.