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Hybrid Colocation combines data centre hosting with Public and/or Private Cloud, enabling you to choose the right platform for every task – operating ‘workload-first’. While the cloud might be right for some workloads, others need to be retained on physical infrastructure in a data centre – perhaps because you’re dealing with sensitive data or a legacy application that isn’t cloud-compatible.

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Hybrid Colocation gives you the flexibility to adapt your IT infrastructure as your needs change. You can take advantage of colocation's economies of scale colocation – and the control and security from owning your own hardware – while exploring the opportunities offered by cloud services.

Hybrid IT – An IT system that is a combination of cloud platforms and privately managed IT. Hybrid IT allows you to deploy the most suitable platform for any task.


Head in the cloud?

Some say cloud is everyone's future, but a hybrid approach can achieve the performance, control and security you need.

  • Make space for legacy systems - Migrating legacy systems to the cloud can be challenging, but with Hybrid Colocation you can leave legacy applications on your private hardware and integrate them into your cloud platforms.
  • Avoid long-term cost hikes - Public Cloud can be expensive long-term. Hybrid IT gives you the flexibility to control your costs by moving your data to a more cost-effective private IT platform.
  • Choose the security level you need - Cloud requires you to entrust your security to your provider, but some industries have strict security requirements which require privately owned hardware. Hybrid colocation gives you both options.
  • Be ready for the future - No one knows quite what the future holds, so your best approach is a flexible one that enables you to leverage multiple infrastructure platforms to achieve the best fit for every workload.
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100% UK-based data centres

Increasingly, data regulations require you to know where your data is stored. With data centres across Southeast England, 4D gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your hardware is – and that you can get to it anytime, 24/7/365.

The original 4D data centre. Highly energy-efficient, super-resilient, and situated just outside the M25 for easy access across Surrey and into London.

Our newest data centre – purpose-built, powerful, and with sustainability at its core. Easy access to M23, Gatwick Airport, London, Brighton and more.

Situated in Maidstone, this Tier-3 data centre offers good access to the M25, Kent and East London.

Purpose-built data centre and Internet Exchange Point in the heart of the Docklands.

Holistic infrastructure solutions – whichever path you take

Whichever IT infrastructure framework you choose, you deserve full-service support to assist you on your digital transformation journey. Our suite of solutions protects, connects and optimises your IT infrastructure for ultimate performance.



Backup up public cloud, private cloud, or private hardware with our high-performance, fully-managed backups. We’ll take care of everything, including backup replication if needed.

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Private Cloud

Want to combine owned infrastructure with a private cloud platform? We can build an integrated solution that delivers the performance, usability and security you need.

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Network & Connectivity

High-speed, resilient connections from your racks to almost anywhere, with sub 2-milisecond latency into central London. Gigabit internet, leased lines and dark fibre available.

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