Is HPC the future of your business?

Harness new opportunities with incredible processing capacity to plough through data quickly and efficiently.

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HPC will be the great differentiator

In high-performance computing, a cluster of cores - GPUs and CPUs, aggregated according to your needs - are networked together to give you incredible processing capacity.

From healthcare to finance to other sectors, HPC enables advanced capabilities that will propel users to the forefront of their industries. And for any business wanting to use Big Data, AI or machine learning, HPC will be essential.

Meeting the needs of HPC

The vast processing ability of HPC gives it a great appetite for power – one that can rarely be satisfied in an on-premises server room. A specially equipped data centre, like 4D, can offer the requisite power and cooling, as well as other benefits:

  • Power- A regular rack could need as little as 3kW, whereas an HPC rack could require as much as 30kW of power
  • Cooling- With great power comes a lot of heat. HPC requires specialist cooling technologies, such as rear-door, liquid or immersion cooling.
  • Scalability- HPC users need room to grow, which the right data centre can provide.
  • Security- Such valuable systems need the very best physical and cyber security protection.
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Our Gatwick data centre is HPC-ready

Our secure, award-winning UK data centre is the ideal environment to host high-performance computing systems. The Gatwick facility was specially designed for high-density deployments and includes:

  • Racks equipped with a ready-to-go power supply capable of up to 45kW, with sophisticated rear door cooling.
  • Incredible efficiency with a PUE of 1.14, helping keep your environmental impact and costs low. We also use renewable energy as our main source of electricity.
  • State-of-the-art uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs), carefully monitored and maintained, to protect your HPC system from power failure.
  • The flexibility to house many HPC systems at once, allowing you room to expand your system into the future.
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Technical Specifications for HPC

  • Power draw
    10kW up to 45kW
  • Power delivery
    Three phase 32A (23kW) or 63A (45kW) A+B diverse power feeds
  • Rack-mounted cooling
    Rear-door water-chilled cooling
  • Rack dimensions
    800mm wide x 1200 mm deep
  • Power feeds
    UPS and generator backed dual diverse power
  • Data centre cooling technologies
    Adiabatic cooling tower, Advanced Plate Heat Exchanges + Chillers, Immersion cooling
  • Backup power
    2N generators
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Award-winning cooling systems

Supercomputing is cool, but sustainability is cooler. Our cutting-edge cooling technology delivers everything your HPC needs, with a low environmental impact.

State-of-the-art evaporative cooling

Using the natural cooling capabilities of water evaporation, this is a highly efficient system that meets the needs of heat-intense HPC with zero energy wasted.

Rear door chilling

Chilled water from our CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) feeds our rear door cooling systems to ensure our HPC racks run at the same temperature as our ordinary server racks. This means an HPC system has the same footprint as any other computer system in our data centres.

Immersion cooling

This cutting-edge technology is the most efficient option for the highest-density computing systems. We can host self-contained immersion cooling ‘pods’ for your HPC system that integrate with our existing cooling systems.

More than just HPC Colocation

Our infrastructure management provisions include everything you need to successfully run your HPC system.


Network & Connectivity

High-speed, resilient data connections from your racks to almost anywhere, with sub 2-milisecond latency into central London. Gigabit internet, leased lines and dark fibre available.

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Protect your valuable data with additional layers of security, including DDoS mitigation, managed firewalls, threat monitoring and managed backups.

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Hybrid IT solutions

Cloud, colocation, or both? We can help you identify the best combination of hosting options for your workflows, ensuring optimum security, efficiency and performance.

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