Choosing a Hybrid Cloud environment

Taking the hybrid approach to cloud enables you to choose the best platform for every workflow. Reap the benefits of dedicated hardware for security and control, and get the flexibility and cost advantages of public cloud when required.

Our hybrid cloud solutions are built to your needs and include a combination of:

  • Dedicated hardware – either as a private cloud platform or colocation.
  • Flexible access to public cloud – rapid capacity increases as needed.
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Shape your transformation with hybrid IT

Digital transformation offers the potential to revolutionise your business – using digital technologies to change the way you work and outperform your competitors – but only if your IT infrastructure is flexible enough to keep up.

A Hybrid Cloud solution, using both Public and Private Cloud, gives you the high level of security and flexibility you need, together with the capability to take your digital transformation in whichever direction you choose.

Custom Hybrid and Multi-Cloud infrastructure from 4D


Fast and Scalable

Integrate your dedicated infrastructure into our public cloud to improve capacity and resiliency. We also offer high-speed, expandable storage with options on disk speed, auto-tiering and backups.


Expert Support and 24/7 Assistance

4D’s platforms are hosted in our privately owned data centres across the UK, uniquely built to your exact infrastructure specifications and expertly managed 24x7x365 by our on-site engineers.


Capacity Monitoring

As your needs change, our solutions flex with you. We monitor capacity utilisation, deliver quarterly reports, and hold regular review meetings to ensure we keep up with your needs.


Cost Effective

When you use the right platform for every job, you cut costs on hardware, maintenance and support. Furthermore, fixed costs private clouds make it easy to budget for data-dense applications.


Flexible Deployment

Hybrid cloud can be tailored to your needs, so your infrastructure evolves with you. Choose from Hyper-V, VMware or OnApp (KVM/XEN) hypervisors, all customised and dedicated to you.


Hands-on Consultancy

Our dedicated team of cloud experts has the tools and experience to design, build and manage a bespoke infrastructure that meets your needs now and into the future.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries

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Learn more about our high-speed and cost-effective Cloud Connect service

Explore 4D Cloud Connect

Seamless hyperscale interconnectivity

You need to make sure the connections to your cloud environments are reliable and cost-effective. Our Cloud Connect service allows you to take advantage of 4D’s high-speed network to directly connect to multiple public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

  • Better performance – Lower latency, higher throughput; terminates directly into your racks, cloud platforms or leased lines.
  • Increased security – Reduce exposure to 3rd party interception and malicious disruption
  • Access to ultra-fast speeds – Dedicated speeds from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps
  • Optimised costs – Reduce data egress fees associated with public internet transfer

We support your digital transformation

Our suite of services provides holistic support to your digital transformation, protecting and connecting your infrastructure for optimum performance.

We can provide you with a comprehensive suite of cyber security services to keep your data safe, as well as managed backups to make sure your cloud platform can never be taken down.

We'll even handle the migration for you so your cloud journey starts off without disruption.


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