Private Cloud Solutions

Get the agility, scalability, and efficiency of the public cloud, with greater levels of security and control. A dedicated, tailored platform managed by our cloud experts.


Leading Private Cloud Technology and Expertise

Everything is hosted on physical infrastructure dedicated to you and your virtual machines, but managed by our certified cloud experts. You share no hardware with anyone else, guaranteeing reliable security, reslience and top performance.


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Rapidly provision and configure your resources to adapt to changes in your business environment

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Enhanced control with a dedicated, isolated network and storage layers

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Determine the compute, storage and networking components that best suit your needs

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Hosted in UK-based data centres with 99.999 % network uptime and 24x7 platform monitoring

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Rapidly modernise for a digital future

  • All 4D private clouds are fully managed
  • Hosted in our UK-based data centres
  • Hypervisors sized to your requirements
  • Built around industry leading VMware or Hyper-V platforms


You'll have in-depth consultation with one of our cloud specialists to ensure the environment meets your immediate requirements whilst also providing you the ability to scale as you grow.

Choosing Private Cloud

A private cloud environment is an ideal solution for companies requiring maximum security, control and performance.

  • Web applications
  • Workloads and data demanding rigorous compliance requirements
  • High performance applications
  • Data centre migrations, consolidation, and extension
  • Highly sensitive data with strict security controls
  • IT-as-a-Service and UAT/Dev environments
  • Disk or CPU intensive databases and applications
  • Disaster recovery applications

Cloud Security – A business necessity

Cloud adoption is happening at a rapid pace, as is the rising threat of cybercrime.


  • A private cloud offers the most control over security parameters
  • Hosting in 4D’s UK-based data centres ensures you know exactly where your data is stored and secured
  • No one else will ever have access to your physical servers, or your online platform, without your permission.
  • Our physical security includes biometric access and 24/7/365 on-site security staff.





Our multi-layered suite of cyber security solutions provides an integrated approach to seamlessly strengthen your overall security posture.



Why 4D for Private Cloud?


24/7/365 Service and Technical Support


Award-winning credentials

Cog_yellowFull control

No shared resources, increased efficiencies

Scales_yellowAbsolute flexibility

Specification and scalability to suit your exact requirements

House_yellow100% UK-based

Independently owned data centres with zero power outages

Steering_Wheel_yellowHands-on consultancy

Dedicated account manager from initial project inception

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Wherever you are on your infrastructure journey, we provide tailored solutions for every aspect of digital transformation.  Our managed private cloud can also be connected into the 4D Public Cloud, other public clouds, and private hardware.  This means we’ll help you determine the strategy that’s right for your business and your objectives – where you are now, the challenges you’re facing, and where you want to be.


A hybrid cloud system will let you keep all of the advantages of private cloud while being able to:

  • Rapidly and/or temporarily increase capacity
  • Have the redundancy of additional platforms for data back-ups
  • Avoid over investing in private cloud provisions




Start your Private Cloud journey today


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