4D Onboarding

Making your journey to our cloud as seamless as possible

4D understand that migrating an entire application and its associated virtual machine(s) from one provider to another can be complex.

As a result, when you sign up to the 4D Cloud you'll get access to all of the help and support you need to get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We'll make sure you have everything you need to make the most of our Cloud platform.

What to expect

Individual service

After signing up to our cloud your dedicated Account Manager will help you to get started quickly. They will be your named point of contact throughout your tenure as a 4D customer.

Portal walkthrough

After finding out a little more on how you intend to use the cloud, your Account Manager will guide you through our bespoke and easy-to-use 4D Cloud Portal to make the most of your solution.

Free Migration

Cloudscraper is our free tool that ensures a seamless migration of your server in real time and with no downtime. By using Cloudscraper you will be able to migrate any physical, virtual or cloud servers you currently have (Windows or Linux) directly into our cloud platform.


Access to all products

Once you have gone through the Cloudscraper process you're ready to go – Use the 4D Cloud Portal to Spin up Cloud Servers, reallocate resources across your network or speak with us about connecting your Cloud to Dedicated hardware for a Hybrid solution.


An ongoing service

It doesn’t stop once you’re live on our cloud. Whether you require a detailed walkthrough of the cloud portal to ensure you are getting maximum benefit or in-depth solution advice, we offer free, fast and direct access to experts on our Cloud and hosting portfolio.

Talk to one of our dedicated Cloud Specialists on 020 7183 0603 to see how you could be live on our Cloud ASAP.


What is Cloudscraper?

Cloudscraper is a tool 4D offers as standard for FREE to all customers completing a migration to our services. It allows us to perform server migrations in a simple, fast and reliable way, minimising customer downtime. Cloudscraper snapshots and replicates existing workloads, both Windows and Linux, to 4D.


  • Clones your existing physical, virtual, cloud server to the cloud.
  • Non-destructive: doesn’t make any changes on running server.
  • No shutdown needed. Your server and apps continue working.
  • Secure. Data is transferred to your cloud account via secure connection.
  • Private. Your server data is uploaded directly to the 4D cloud with no 3rd parties involved.
  • Network aware. Works for static and dynamic networks.
  • Locked files and databases. Open files and running databases can be included in the snapshot process.
  • Continuous replication. You can set the tool to continually replicate your data into our cloud platform – Useful for environments that change regularly.


How does Cloudscraper work?

Cloudscraper makes a block level snapshot of your server, then securely transfers that snapshot to our cloud, adjusting it "on-the-fly" to include the correct virtual disk drivers and NIC drivers. These adjustments ensure the server image can run in the cloud.

Finally, Cloudscraper uploads the image directly into your 4D cloud account and creates a new cloud server from it.

Once transferred to 4D Cloud you will have a new template available in your cloud template library for you to create as many copies of the servers as needed.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to talk to one of our dedicated Cloud Specialists on 020 7183 0603 or consult our extensive Onboarding FAQ’s.

Commonly Asked Questions