Brexit and UK DC Sector The impact of Brexit on the UK Data Centre sector

Referendum post-mortem

techUK is the largest trade association for the UK tech industry.  Shortly after the result of the 2016 remain/leave Europe referendum, techUK convened its data centre council for an emergency meeting. Jack Bedell-Pearce, 4D’s Managing Director, is a member of this council and contributed to the debate.

The resulting discussion and analysis from industry experts spawned the first draft of a whitepaper called, “Silver Linings: The implications of Brexit for the UK Data Centre Sector”.

Andrew Jay, the Chairman of the DC Council summarised the mood in his foreword by saying:

“The outcome of the Referendum signals a number of fundamental changes to our political economic landscape, and we now face a period of uncertainty that presents some challenges for our sector.”

Associate Director, Emma Fryer was asked, “what will the impact of Brexit be on the sector?” – she responded:

“It depends on us – firstly how well we prepare as a sector and secondly how clearly we articulate our needs.” And “It depends on Government, because intelligent and timely policy actions can make a huge difference.”

Since the first draft of ‘Silver Linings’ in 2016, the data centre council returned to re-analyse the data and submitted an updated version in late 2017.

Download the whitepaper