The Network Factory - Data Centre Migration

New to 4D Data Centres in 2017, The Network Factory discusses the benefits of having a Gatwick data centre just 30 minutes away. Now this fast growing business has all the support and knowledge it needs so it can focus on meeting the high demands of its customer base.

About The Network Factory 

The Network Factory was founded in 2013 to meet the needs of businesses in taking a modern, agile approach to IT infrastructure and automation. The Network Factory provides DevOps services including infrastructure as code, security, platform design, cloud migrations, continuous integration, and general DevOps adoption.

“When we heard that 4D Data Centres had opened a new facility at Gatwick we thought it worth exploring a new partnership and we haven’t looked back since we migrated our infrastructure to them in early March this year." Richard Stubbs, Director, The Network Factory

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The Challenge 

The Network Factory prides itself on supporting the IT and platform requirements for renowned businesses such as ITV and the Halifax and hi-tech companies including Matchbox Mobile. To meet the varied requirements of its different customers The Network Factory works with a number of critical partners, one being 4D Data Centres, to underpin cloud migrations while reducing risk and costs through the delivery of better software and infrastructure.

The Solution 

Finding the right colocation partner in this day and age when security is of paramount importance is no easy feat.

“Until recently we used a data centre in Slough, but being based in East Sussex meant that we were spending a lot of unproductive time on commuting alone, not to mention the challenge of meeting the requirements of on-site SLAs,” commented Richard Stubbs, Director, The Network Factory.

With a limited internal resource, Richard and his team found that having a data centre within easy reach was highly convenient, and the support he got from the 4D Data Centre team was outstanding.

“Not only was the migration over to the new data centre almost seamless, with minimal disruption to ours and our clients’ businesses, but also the wealth of knowledge amongst the support team at 4D was, and continues to be, superb. They made something that could have been extremely disruptive so easy for us.” 


While it’s too early in the relationship to talk about results The Network Factory team have already saved hours in commuting to their data centre as well as time supporting their infrastructure.

“We already trust the 4D Data Centres team greatly. The locality, the excellent connectivity, the 24/7 support and easy access makes them the ideal partner as we look to expand our services and support for our customer base.”

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