Reliable Connectivity and Cost Reduction

Client: Send Business Centre

Sector: Commercial Property

4D service: Connectivity

Location: Surrey, UK

Key results

  • 10% improved reliability
  • 10% cost-saving over the UK's 2 major providers
  • Improved quality of customer service and packet loss
  • Ability to offer clients VoIP & contended fibre services

Business outcomes

  • Improved client retention
  • Better management of entire infrastructure
  • New business opportunity

“We've been very happy with the reliability and intend to remain with 4D due to the excellent and cost effective service” 
Michael Hamburger, Managing Director, Send Business Centre

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Michael Hamburger, Managing Director, on his experience with 4D:

Why 4D?

Our previous suppliers, which included ISDN services, were chosen for their reliable and cost-effective solutions. But due to increasing issues with reliability we decided to replace our current fibre suppliers with 4D so that we could benefit from more reliable and cost-effective services.

In rural areas, we generally have very little choice of suppliers and are controlled by the duopoly of Virgin and BT.  Well-managed, competent, alternative suppliers are effectively limited to data centres and network organisations. The number of data centres in the immediate environment close to our site is limited but 4D is not only one of the closest geographically it also has credentials that prove its reliability. So we made the logical choice to move to 4D.

How does 4D compare with other providers?

Neither BT nor Virgin are able to provide resilient fibre services without the complexity of changing IP address at a reasonable cost. We have had reliability issues with our existing providers and we were keen to find a partner that we could work with collaboratively to solve the technical issues of fibre pipeline resiliency to ensure our customers enjoyed a quality service.
4D showed willingness to work with us and to come up with a solution which would not only provide us with a great service but also something that our customers would value. 

What advice would you give to other businesses looking for a connectivity provider?

Clearly define your objectives in writing and be realistic about the time needed to make connectivity changes. One of the fundamental issues that has to be addressed is the shortage of IPv4 IP addresses. In this regard 4D have been particularly helpful.

What was the installation experience like?

Excellent - the installation was completed both on budget and on time without any technical hitches. We are still in the process of testing the platform, but so far the quality of service and packet loss looks good on the first of the two fibre connections.

Are there any particular things 4D has helped Send Business Centre with?

Yes -The cost-effective resolution of providing resilient fibre services through two different routes without the need to change IP addresses. We also found through establishing contact with 4D that there is a potentially symbiotic relationship between the two companies to cross-sell disaster recovery accommodation in SBC with the data recovery provided by 4D.

How is the on-going service?

The greatest compliment a data service provider can have is providing a reliable service, a job 4D has done well. We’ve been very happy with the service received so far and intend to remain with 4D due to the excellent and cost effective service they provide.

What is your account manager like? 

Attentive and where technical issues are involved beyond his day-to-day experience, outside input has been requested and promptly given.

Send Business Centre resells 4D’s connectivity services to its own end-users. Tell us about your clients and how they use the service.

We have in the region of 50 companies on-site, to which we provide VoIP as well as contended fibre services. Connectivity is a vital issue for most of them involving global VPNs, helpdesks and call centre facilities as well as live data streaming, none of which would be possible without a quality and resilient fibre link.

Company Info

Send Business Centre provides office space and connectivity to new and growing businesses from start-ups to spaces for large, established businesses. The centre also offers self-storage containers, warehousing and, most recently, sound and video studios. It’s an up and coming creative hub for Surrey with many digital and internet-based businesses locating to the site for the fast and reliable internet service. 

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