4D and Marotori

Originally founded as a web development company in the early Noughties, Marotori quickly found a demand for web hosting amongst its niche client base that required an intensive level of support. It was in these early days that Rob Thomson, director at Marotori, came across David Barker, founder and technical director at 4D. The relationship started with one rack…

“By moving over to the cloud the biggest risks to our business, such as having a hard disk fail, have been removed.” Rob Thomson, Director, Marotori

About Marotori 

Marotori are a hosting company that has grown out of servicing its clients’ needs. The business provides niche market hosting facilities for clients and partner companies. 


The Challenge 

Originally Marotori were hosting out of a data centre in Maidenhead, but being based in Guildford the location was simply too far away. 4D had just been set up by David Barker, and although the business was relatively new to the market, moving to a better location was critical to our business. We liked and trusted what we heard and decided it was worth the move.

The Solution 

Adopting the cloud

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced over the years as a business has been with the hardware. It’s a tough call to make as there’s a lot of profit to be made in providing the hardware to customers as well as the hosting services but it requires a substantial investment.

We made the decision to migrate approximately 80% of our business over to 4D’s cloud platform last year. Everything with the migration went perfectly. The team rolled out the servers needed very quickly and although we came across a very odd network issue they were able to locate the obscure Ethernet card that was causing the problem and debug it within a few hours. By moving over to the cloud the biggest risks to our business, such as having a hard disk fail, have been removed.

4D offers great support, ranging from our account manager right through to third line support where I can work closely with the guys to fix any problems quickly and effectively. What’s more with this migration we’ve been able to consolidate our rack equipment down from three full racks to just over one. 

Location, location, location 

When we originally started the business we were just using rack space and transit but when we moved to 4D our requirements evolved into much more. The initial onboarding was absolutely painless and the team quickly demonstrated their technical competence by debugging an initial connectivity issue. Since then we’ve built an excellent relationship with the technical team who have always been prompt to respond when problems have arisen. 

In addition, we’re a small business but from our clients’ perspective it’s important that we are within the London area. By working with 4D and utilising their services fully I can provide that level of service to our clients while being location independent myself and simply knowing that any hardware problems are just sorted.


At the moment we have to maintain some racks due to the nature of some of our financial service clients however, in the long term we will be moving to a pure cloud environment. When The Solution every solution that has been required has been delivered on time and in budget with excellent aftercare then it makes perfect sense.

The Results

  • Over 10 years of excellent service from 4D
  • Cost savings thanks to consolidation of rack space
  • Growth from one rack to a cloud solution hosting over 80% of Marotori's clients
  • Growth from a small website development company to a specialist web hosting provider
  • Over a decade of delivering agency quality websites and hosting for household names
  • Flexible delivery with world leading customer service and high performance hosting

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