4D and M9

In early 2016, M9 Group set out to find a new supplier to meet its disaster recovery needs. They selected 4D Data Centres and established a relationship that has exceeded all expectations and evolved into an outstanding partnership built on knowledge, skill, and, trust.

“4D quickly established themselves as a partner of choice rather than a supplier. The commitment and skill of the entire team has been a significant asset to M9” Grant Ingram, CEO of M9 Group.

About M9

Founded in 1999 and based in London and Kuala Lumpur, M9 is a trusted managed services provider. Providing services across mobile and desktop to the data centre, the business offers managed services, hosting, software, SharePoint solutions and unified communications to its 80+ customers in the UK and beyond.

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The Challenge

The team at M9 believes that technology should be empowering and straightforward. The business also recognises that customers need more than a water tight SLA, they also require the right level of support with challenges such as GDPR, as well as ever-increasing security threats. With this in mind, M9 is on a mission to ensure that every customer and user receives the real-time support and service that reflects the demands of the digital age; support that not only meets but also exceeds their expectations for an instant response. M9 has focused on training its engineers to fully understand what customers do as opposed to simply focusing on the technical aspects of clients’ needs. With this approach, the M9 team can guarantee that the service provided is 100% reliable and appropriate. 

M9 CEO, Grant Ingram, compares their approach with the automotive industry: 

“We are transitioning into an environment where technology is more reliable. It’s like cars, we no longer care whether a car can run 300 miles without breaking down (that is assumed), we now want it to have the ability to park automatically as well. Automation is critical in what we do and, with that, reliable technology must be absolutely inherent. However, to achieve that we also need to ensure that there aren’t any weak points in the overall solution.”

The Solution

One fundamental element of that reliability is ensuring that M9 provides its customers with the best data centre and, in turn, the most resilient service in disaster recovery. With that in mind the business selected 4D Data Centres, in early 2016, for disaster recovery at 4D Surrey. 

The Result

Effective IT management is key to ensuring that an enterprise can thrive. By ensuring that their service is uninterrupted by technical problems that could severely affect business continuity for their clients M9 has found a partner that is not only committed to them as an organisation but also to their customers too.

“4D is a great fit for M9, not only from a skills and knowledge point of view but also from a cultural one too. We’re currently going through a significant transition as a business and we can do that in the knowledge that we have selected the perfect partner to help and support us through this phase and beyond,” added Ingram.

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