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What our customers have to say about 4D

At the end of 2020 we conducted a survey with our customers to find out how satisfied they are with 4D’s services. We did this to ensure that disruption caused by the pandemic hadn’t led to our usual excellent quality dropping, and to gain valuable insight into how we can improve moving forward. We received nearly 100 responses from a wide range of customers, across various industries and are pleased to share the results.

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Proud of what our customers have to say

We pride ourselves on being a people-focused business and ensuring that while we provide infrastructure management, we do so with our customers’ needs as our top priority. The feedback we received in our customer survey was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re glad our customers are feeling supported and safe in our hands.

We asked our customers to compare us to our competitors that they have used in the past or are currently using:

  • 64% said we are better or significantly better than another data centre that they are currently using
  • This rose to 76% compared to data centre operators they have previously worked with
  • No one rated our services as worse than any of our competitors

Overall a really great service. In our experience 4D is a wonderful data centre partner to have. Responses are always timely.

Director of a VPN and network provider

Alongside our customer survey, throughout 2020 we asked customers to rate us from 0-10 so that we could build our Net Promoter Score (NPS). A company’s NPS is a good benchmark for how satisfied their customers are, and how likely they would be to recommend that company’s services.

  • 4D’s NPS is currently 76 (significantly higher than the industry standard of 65)
  • This score reflects that 81% of respondents gave 4D a 9 or a 10 out of 10

NPS is an ongoing measurement of our performance and we will continue to gather feedback for it so that we always have an up to date assessment of customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn what business trends we learnt from our customer survey and use them to future-proof your company, you can download our full report.

Proud of our team

One theme that is prominent throughout the survey results is that the 4D team strive to deliver excellent service. Our customers have come to rely on and trust our team, on both the account management and technical support side.

We have a dedicated account management team at 4D who work with our customers to ensure we’re delivering the best possible services and so we asked specific questions on their performance.

  • Customers felt well supported, with 77% saying that their account manager has a Good or Very Good knowledge of their business
  • Additionally, 88% of customers said that the account managers have a Good or Very Good knowledge of 4D’s solutions

An excellent team running a very good data centre.

IT Director of a travel agency

On the technical side of things, our customers continued to feel supported by the technical support team who deliver their IT services.

  • 72% of customers said our team are Very Good at handling support tickets or remote hands requests, showing our excellent maintenance record
  • 63% said that the 4D sites maintained by our support team are Very Good when asked about the appearance and facilities available

Proud to have delivered during the pandemic

2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant amount of disruption to day-to-day life, and we had to make significant and rapid changes to keep our staff our customers safe. This included sending the majority of our staff to work from home and amendments to our access request processes.

Despite these changes we put a lot of effort in to ensure our customers continued to receive our usual excellent standard and felt like they could continue to rely on 4D regardless of what obstacles were thrown our way. 

  • 82% said our crisis comms (communications updating customers on 4D’s pandemic response) were Good or Very Good
  • In 2020 82% of our customers valued our remote hands service as Extremely or Very Important since it allowed them to avoid/reduce visiting the data centres
  • With remote hands being so important, we had 92% of customers said that our handling of support tickets and remote hands request was Good or Very Good

Proud to continuously improve

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and so will be making improvements based on the feedback provided in our customer survey. These changes will be in addition to maintaining the excellent standard that led to such overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Our customer portal is how a lot of our customers access and monitor they services, so it is essential that it delivers everything they need.

  • Unfortunately, only 42% of customers said they regularly use the portal
  • We are in the process of improving the portal’s functionality and accessibility so that more customers are able to get what they need from it

Part of the service we provide at 4D is being a source of advice and insight on the future digital transformation of our clients. This includes providing useful resources and information on technology trends beyond any specific projects, to help keep our customers informed on significant technological advances.

  • 37% of customers said that they would like to hear more about technology trends from us
  • We are committed to delivering useful insight to our customers and are focused on improving customers communications to deliver on this request

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about the results of our customer survey, including the business trends we are predicting, you can read our full summary booklet. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the 4D services that have received such positive praise, you can check out our cloud and colocation services, or get in touch to talk to one of our infrastructure experts who could one day be your highly rated account manager.

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