Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing fields in technology. Keeping on top of the latest trends and news within this sector can be a challenge though, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 best AI blogs for 2019:

AI blog awards 2019




Deepmind is one of the most celebrated companies at the forefront of artificial intelligence development. It famously beat the world champion of ‘Go’ in 2016 and more recently defeated some of the best players on the strategy game, Starcraft II. With this level of groundbreaking innovation, it's not surprising Deepmind’s AI blog is one of the most closely watched resources on the subject. It’s for this reason our judges chose it as one of the best on the web and one of our top 6.


Science Daily

Science Daily

Science Daily is one of the most comprehensive resources for the latest news on science, technology and the environment. Its focus on bringing academic sources into one place means its Artificial Intelligence blog covers a wide range of subjects, such as how AI can improve human health, robotics and the effects it has on the workplace. Our judging panel noted it was one of the resources they come back and check on a regular basis.



DataFloq was founded by Dr Mark van Rijmenam, an international keynote speaker and strategist on AI, Blockchain and Big Data. Similar to Science Daily, the DataFloq blog collects articles, news and blog posts from a wide range of contributors, but has a greater focus on technology subjects, such as AR/VR, Big data, Blockchain, IoT and the Cloud. Its AI section is updated regularly and was one of our judges' favourites to go back to regularly.



LiveTiles is a rare example of a B2B company not only putting time and effort into AI research but selling the fruits of their labour via ‘bots’ that can carry out bespoke repetitive tasks for companies. This mix of research applied to real-world problems makes LiveTiles' blog on AI one of the most practical resources for companies looking to use machine learning to improve productivity.



Artificial Solutions is another company at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence in real-world situations. Their company specialises in ‘Conversational AI’ which makes it easier for people to communicate with applications and devices in a more ‘human-like’ and intuitive way. Our judges noted, “their blog gives an interesting insight into this niche as well as how AI can improve user experiences and improve productivity within the workspace.”



Founded by Richard Tromans, the ‘Artificial Lawyer’ website brings news and views from the two worlds of AI and Legal Automation. It also aggregates news on investments within the Legal and AI sectors which provides a useful insight into fast growing disruptors. Our judges noted the frequency with which the blog was updated with good quality news stories plus (because of the legal focus) the interesting angles it took on the impact AI was having on smart contracts and Blockchain technology.