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Welcome to 4D’s insight page where we upload resources every week exploring our industry of IT infrastructure, focusing on colocation, cloud, connectivity and cyber solutions, as well as events and latest news.

5 min read The true cost of cloud
3 min read 4D’s new portal – An upgraded one-stop-shop for our customers
4 min read Public cloud risks and reasons not to use it
4 min read What is a hypervisor? Finding the right one for your cloud
6 min read IaaS or PaaS – How “managed” cloud can mean different things
3 min read How data centres must adapt for 5G, the IOT, AI and machine learning
3 min read The difference between colocation and a data centre
Digital Transformation
4 min read How to adjust your digital transformation strategy post-pandemic
3 min read Why your IT doesn’t need to be hosted in a London data centre
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