When marketing budgets and time resources are stretched, social media activity can end up side-lined. But there are a number of ways you can efficiently improve your outreach via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – these tips can help set you on your way to building your social media marketing machine:

Social media marketing

1. Track your links: Whenever you include any links in your post (especially to your own website), make them tracked. This enables you to analyse which content is more successful and which isn’t. Google Analytics’ campaign URL builder is a great tool for creating your own tracked links.

2. Schedule posts appropriately and consistently: You might want to experiment with post times, but tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite are handy for managing your profiles’ post schedules, while using Followerwonk’s free ‘Analyze’ tool is perfectly adequate for checking your audience’s peak times to reach.

3. Vary your post content: whoever follows your channel will likely become disinterested if they keep seeing the same kind of messaging. Try posting something funny, insightful or even just some pictures/videos from the workplace. LinkedIn now allows you to upload your own videos, which has been shown to outperform similar videos shared just as links.

4. Engage with others: Like, share and comment on posts from others - this will help increase your exposure to other people outside your own followers or connections. When more people see you, the more likely someone will be to click on your profile where you promote your business. Try getting into a habit of regularly following or connecting with others relevant to your market.

5. Split test: Try posting the same content on two different occasions but at different times of the day or with different text/images. This kind of regular split testing will help you analyse what works best.

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