Home Insight Let's Talk: Generators

4D's COO, Steve Wright, explains the important role of Generators within a data centre.

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Transcription of the video is below:

"In the past, we've been asked a range of questions about how different parts of a data centre work- this inspired the creation of a new video series. In the first of our new 'Let's Talk' series, 4D's Operations Director, Steve Wright, explains the important role of Generators.

If you've ever toured a data centre, you might have been shown a very sizable enclosed unit (like the one above). In the event of a mains power failure, the generators will start up within about 10 seconds and feed critical power to the data floor to ensure your servers and IT equipment stay online.

Generators like the ones we have at 4D Surrey are configured with N+1 redundancy- this resilience means we have one generator that can run the whole building and, should this experience a failure, another one is ready to take over its work. 

With these huge generators on site, we have our own mini power plant. Whether power is lost for just a few minutes or it's an extended outage of over 36 hours, we have refueling contracts in place to ensure the diesel running these generators is regularly topped up.

For more information about power resilience, or expert advice, you can get in touch with one of our team today."