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INFOGRAPHIC: The top 8 challenges of public cloud

Public cloud has a lot of benefits, but its limitations can hinder a company's growth. Out of control costs are the biggest reason companies move away from public cloud, either because unpredictable billing makes it too difficult to budget, or outgrowing the public cloud makes it no longer cost-effective. But there are other challenges that can't be ignored, including a lack of control around things like security and compliance.  Knowing the challenges of public cloud will help you avoid them, and assess when it's time to look at alternatives like private cloud or hybrid IT.

The full list of challenges is explained in detail in our blog: '8 disadvantages of public cloud'
The Top 8 Challenges of Public Cloud - Infographic-1


If your business won't be supported by off-the-shelf solutions, and potentially unreliable support, then it's time to move on from public cloud. This is especially true if your costs are out of control and another solution would be more cost-effective. If you need to improve reliability and security across the board, private cloud might be the right solution. Alternatively, you don't need to leave public cloud entirely if it's still useful, since hybrid IT will let you incorporate it alongside private IT infrastructure. We at 4D offer a full suite of cloud and IT infrastructure solutions, so if you want some impartial advice on what would be best for your business, get in touch.

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