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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Essentials for choosing a data centre partner

Where you store your business's data is critical to its day-to-day operations. Hosting your IT infrastructure within a data centre increases your resilience and protects your business from expensive downtime, while keeping customers happy.

On the face of it, choosing the right data centre partner can be a difficult task. Finding the right provider will largely depend on the nature and specifications of your requirements, but there are still some easy-to-follow guidelines you should be using - our infographic below outlines the 7 essentials to consider when choosing the right data centre partner.

We also have a blog post that covers these seven essentials in more detail, explaining how each factor will impact your data centre experience, and specifically what you need to be looking for. This includes a full list of cyber security requirements, and how a data centre should be equipped for resilience.

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7 Essentials of a Data Centre partner 2020




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