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INFOGRAPHIC: Data Centre Cooling Methods

As IT has evolved over time, the technology that cools it has had to evolve as well. There are now several different cooling methods that data centres use to cool IT hardware, each with different cooling capacity, energy-efficiency, and budget requirements. Our infographic explains how these technologies work, as well as their pros and cons for different businesses.

Why is it so important to pick the right cooling method?

Servers output heat and if not effectively cooled they can damage themselves or even become a potential fire risk. With the rise of HPC and the increased density of computer parts, certain types of computer systems require advanced cooling technologies to be able to cope, like rear-door or immersion cooling. When choosing these cooling technologies, there are important factors to take into account:

  • Cooling capacity - Heat output from servers is measured in kW, and you need to ensure your cooling method can cool more kW than your servers are outputting.
  • Energy-efficiency - This is how much energy the system consumes to cool your servers, this has an impact on cost since you're paying for the energy, but also has an environmental impact.
  • Budget requirements - Advanced cooling methods require specialist installation and infrastructure, so they should only be used if they're required. But there is potential for cost-saving if you pick the right energy-efficient cooling for your system. 

Use our 'HPC-Ready Data Centre Checklist' to learn about the other requirements of HPC hosting, other than cooling.

To help you choose between the different cooling methods data centres have available, our infographic summarises your options and their pros and cons:

Infographic - Data Centre Cooling Methods


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