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INFOGRAPHIC: Cyber Security Checklist for 2019

6 August 2019

Over  four in ten UK businesses suffered a breach or attack during 2018-19, and  43% of cyber attacks are targeting small businesses. Use our easy to digest infographic to remind yourself and your staff of cyber security best practices, which have never been more important.

Our six steps are not only cost-efficient but easy to implement techniques which will greatly improve your cyber security posture.

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cyber security checklist 2019

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Read our blog covering these six steps in detail if you would like to learn more, and get some advice on how to implement them. 

Keep Backups - Your only solution for data loss: How to perform and store your backups, with the recommendation to consider a managed backup provider.

Create Secure Passwords - Otherwise your system is left open to anyone: Clear criteria on what makes up a secure password, and best practise advice on how to manage passwords.

Conduct an Insider Threat Analysis - You need to discover your vulnerabilities before anyone else: Details on what can lead to a weak point in your cyber security, and how a vulnerability scan can keep you safe.

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Utilise the Cloud - An ideal tool for SMEs: Why transitioning to cloud can boost your security, and the most secure way of making that transition.

Ensure your staff are Trained and Vigilant ​- Human error is one of the biggest cyber risk factors: What is meant by the term 'social engineering' and how to train your staff against it.

Invest in Cyber Insurance - Essential for recovering from a successful attack: Why insurance will be a valuable asset for your company in recovering from a successful attack.

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