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INFOGRAPHIC: Colocation vs Cloud - 5 Key Factors for Comparing

When your existing IT system is becoming slow or unreliable because you've outgrown it, it's a valuable opportunity to progress your digital transformation and launch a new IT platform. Colocation and cloud both have the potential to increase your IT's reliability and security while saving you money, but which one would be best for your company depends on several factors.

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Colocation is the process of hosting your servers within a data centre instead of an in-office server room. Cloud is when a third-party manages your IT, either through a shared (public) or dedicated (private) platform. Our infographic covers five key factors to help you decide which managed infrastructure solution would be the best fit for your company: 

  • Migration - The process of moving your existing system to your new one
  • Reliability - How much downtime you can afford
  • Scaling - Planning for future growth and being ready to expand
  • Security - Keeping your IT and your data protected
  • Cost - Keeping spend to a minimum and getting maximum ROI

We also have a downloadable eBook which provides detailed advice on your IT options to boost your IT's flexibility and reliability, particularly if you currently have an in-office server room you're looking to upgrade away from.

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