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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Tips on reducing IT space to simplify office downsizing

With remote working more common than ever, a lot of businesses are wondering what's the point of having an office capable of seating everyone in the company, when its never full. Downsizing the office has the potential to save companies a significant amount of money, and IT managers have a crucial role to play in supporting an office move. 

[Considering getting rid of the office altogether? It's not as drastic as you think]

What does this mean for IT managers?

To downsize their office, a business needs to reduce the physical objects they have taking up space, and this includes IT.  As an IT manager, there is the potential to save space with both the personal IT equipment staff members use, and the hardware that hosts your IT system. Downsizing is an opportunity for you to really support the company and drive digital transformation: 

  • Facilitating the cost-saving downsize will future-proof the company and protect jobs if difficulties are met in the future
  • Reducing the amount of hardware makes the IT team's job easier, avoiding unnecessary downtime during the move
  • Downsizing makes it much easier to appeal to your exec team about digital transformation and a move to colocation or cloud  

To support your company and minimise the hassle involved in downsizing the office, check out our tips on reducing IT space:

Infographic: 4 tips for IT managers to reduce IT space to make downsizing the office easier


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