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How to get the quickest response to IT support tickets

28 July 2020

Everyone is frustrated by IT problems, whether it’s impacting you directly or causing your customers to complain, you want it sorted as soon as possible, and knowing the best practice for submitting a ticket can help. When your IT equipment is hosted in a data centre, communicating effectively with your support engineers is the most effective way of speeding up the fix.

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Support engineer reading ticket fixing rack

Writing out a good ticket – which includes all necessary information laid out clearly – makes the support team’s job so much easier and lets them find a solution quicker. However, IT is complicated at the best of times, and when there’s a problem, concisely putting the details down can be difficult.

Remote hands requests

Whether you have a task that requires minimal time, or a larger scale project that you would like assistance with, coordinating with your data centre’s remote hands service is an incredibly valuable time-saving tool, especially if you can make the most of it.

With remote hands, including all of the below should be everything needed for a quick resolution to the request:

  • Providing a server reference/label/model for the service ID or any other suitable information for identifying equipment
  • Advising on a rack reference for the team
  • Whether items have arrived at site for the work request and relevant ticket links associated with deliveries
  • Detailed instructions on the task and steps for the request
  • When the work can be carried out, e.g any time or a specific date and time
  • Contact information if the task is sensitive and a direct contact is needed

Example ticket

Hi 4D Support,  Amazon should have delivered a new 10K SAS disk this morning. You have it stored under storage id number BYF-00001 as per the email I received on its arrival.

We are planning for this maintenance to start at 14:00pm today if you have a member of staff available for this request? If you could check the drive is ready and let us know whether this is suitable asap it would be greatly appreciated.

Please can you attend our rack, H10, at the designated time and remove the failed drive in bay 10 of the storage device named ‘backup-storage’. It should be displaying a red LED although if you’re unable to determine which disk is faulty please call us on xxxxxx.

The server will be online during the maintenance as the bay is hot swappable, although if you do need to power down the system for any reason please let us know first and call us on xxxxxx.

The old drive can be disposed of appropriately as it holds no sensitive data and is no longer required.

Could you please complete this request at 14:00 today and email me for confirmation 5 minutes before proceeding and email us upon completion of the task.

Kind regards,

Joe Smith

Loss of connection issues

During problematic periods where service has been lost due to an error with your equipment, it’s absolutely crucial that you provide as much information as possible when raising a support request.

In order for the data centre engineers to diagnose the problem with your equipment we would recommend including as many of the following as you can:

  • Affected Service ID or Server reference
  • If server related: U positions/serial numbers/models
  • If connectivity: type of connection/company/devices connected to
  • Is this urgent?
  • Rack reference (if more than one rack)
  • When did the problems begin, and are they still occurring?
  • Have any recent changes been made that may affect the service?
  • Is this an intermittent problem of full loss of service?
  • Are you able to provide any screenshots or information that may help the team such as error logs, MTR trace routes, ping or iperf tests?
  • Is there anything you would like our team onsite to visually check over to start with?

As well as raising a ticket, we would always recommend calling through to your support team if you class the problem as urgent and requiring immediate attention.

If you are a 4D client with an urgent situation, please call 020 7183 0602 and select the option to discuss the problem with our support team.

Example ticket

[List ticket title as 'Urgent' if loss of service]

Hi 4D Support, 

We’ve lost all connectivity to our Rack - H10, at the Byfleet data centre. The service ID as provided on our network handover document is SID0001/ONEA0000000.

Our logs show that we had connectivity up until 09:23 this morning at which time connectivity dropped to all devices and has not returned since.

We’ve made no configuration changes to our devices in the past week or so.

Please find the attached copy of our core router event log.

Kind regards,

Joe Smith

Access requests

You also need to contact your data centre to arrange for access for your engineers and each data centre will have its own process for formally submitting the access request. For example, to maintain a high level of security and compliance with our ISO27001 certification, 4D requires an access request with certain information before an individual is granted access to our data centres.

Also check if your data centre’s processes have changed during Covid-19.

Access to our data centres can be split into two categories, permanent pre-authorised access and temporary pre-authorised access – and other data centres will operate similarly. Temporary access provides our clients with the ability to request access for third party contractors or staff for whom it would not be appropriate to give permanent access.

Temporary access requests can be submitted via our customer portal or by emailing our Support Team: support@4d-dc.com

A good request for temporary access should look similar to the below. Having a detailed request will allow our Support and Security Teams to process the request quickly and avoid delays to granting access.

Example ticket

Hi 4D Support,Can I please request temporary access for a Dell engineer coming to work on one of our servers? Please see the request details below.

Full Name: John Doe

Company: Dell UK

Date and Time of Visit: 17 June 2020, 13:00 – 17:00

Data Centre Location: Byfleet

Rack location: H10

Escorted access: No, the engineer is able to be left to work alone.

Kind regards,

Joe Smith

In addition to all of the necessary information within the access request, we require the approved visitor to bring valid photographic ID with them. This can either be a driver’s license or valid passport as other forms of ID will be refused entry to the site.

Communication is key

Communicating effectively with your data centre engineers will help them resolve your tickets quickly and having all the information will let them give you advice on topics like what internet speeds you need. If in doubt, just make sure you’re including as much information as possible, and make sure you’re contactable if they have any follow up questions.

If you need to contact 4D support, their contact details are: 

Call: 020 7183 0602 (option 2)

Email: support@4d-dc.com

Customer portals: www.4d-dc.com/portals

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