4D's David Barker offers a few tips on how best to use G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace.

In October 2015 4D announced that it had been accepted to G-Cloud 7 (G7). Securing its place as one of the cloud providers of choice for the Government and public sector organisations means that 4D is available to provide services including shared cloud services, private cloud services and storage services through 4D CloudBox to deliver discrete environments as part of the new Digital Marketplace.

G cloud

We’ve seen G-Cloud continually evolve over the last few years and help to shape the purchasing decisions of IT services across Government and forward-thinking public sector organisations,” comments David Barker, founder and technical director at 4D. “4D’s inclusion in the latest iteration, G7, means that we can align our services with our customers’ specific needs, no matter what sector they’re in.

Digital Marketplace’s goal is to help public services purchase the technology and services required for digital projects in a simpler, clearer and faster way. So what do public sector buyers need to know to help them use this framework best and select the most appropriate provider out of the 160 suppliers currently listed?

4D’s top tips on how to make the most of G7 and the Digital Marketplace:

  1. List your ‘must-haves’ and ‘wants’ to form the basis of your request for proposal (RFP) document. Note that under procurement regulations, G-Cloud suppliers cannot modify their services to meet specific requirements so you need to be absolutely clear of your requirements from the outset
  2. Make sure you get input and approval from all relevant parties on what you need to buy and that stakeholders clearly understand the buying criteria so that the service you’re buying is clear. Is it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or specialist cloud services?
  3. There are thousands of services available so create a long list of providers before whittling it down to a short list. Compare the services of those shortlisted and engage in a testing period with those you have selected
  4. Create clear statements of work (SOW) when awarding contracts so that reporting and management remains transparent



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