Home Insight Firewalls Explained: Types of Firewalls

4D's CTO, David Barker, gives his summary on the types of firewalls you can use.

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Transcription of the video is below:

"At 4D we have a range of firewalls you can choose from. These go from basic single site deployments up to advanced firewalls and even custom configurations for advanced clustered deployments.

The model of firewall we would look to deploy for you will depend on:

  • How much traffic you have;
  • How much throughput you’re putting on the firewall;
  • How many connections you need;
  • VPN terminations;
  • Feature sets such as intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, or gateway anti-spam and antivirus

At 4D, we have a range of Managed Firewall solutions. You can talk to one of our security experts to understand your needs and your requirements to make sure we deploy the correct firewall configuration for you."