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Event Roundup: 4D at Sweethaven’s Cyber Security Workshop

7 February 2020

On Thursday 30th January 4D’s CEO, Jack Bedell-Pearce, was a guest speaker at Sweethaven’s cyber security workshop event. Sweethaven’s Martin Byrne also spoke, and the event gave attendees insight and advice into cyber security best practise (as well as being the early finish to a lot of people’s Dry January).

Sweethaven Business Services are a partner of 4D, providing award-winning Managed IT Services bolstered by 4D's Managed Infrastructure Solutions. 

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[Part of Jack’s speech was Cyber Security Predictions for 2020]

Jack started off the event with an excellent talk explaining current cyber security threats and giving insight into their potential impact. This included DDoS and the exploitability of the IoT, phishing emails, and the low-tech (but equally dangerous) attacks that use social conditioning.

As well as advising on how to protect businesses from current threats, Jack made some predictions for what cyber security developments we could see in 2020. The biggest threats being: off the shelf malware, 5Gs impact on the size of DDoS attacks, and how AI will change the way cyber attackers and cyber security experts will work.

Jack Bedell-Pearce 4D cyber security Jack Bedell-Pearce cyber security event

Jack finished off his set with a magic trick, performing a very different sort of Penetration Test by pushing a wooden skewer all the way through a steel block!

Sweethaven’s Head of Technical Solutions, Martin Byrne, also spoke at the event, providing expert advice on how best to protect your business from hackers. He explained exactly how vulnerable emails can be and how data encryption works to protect your information. There was a lot of practical advice from Martin, covering system configuration, as well as what every member of staff can do day-to-day to keep their company’s system secure.

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Finally, there was a close-up look at phishing scans from KnowBe4, with an in-depth exploration of what attackers are capable of, and what to look out for.