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4D wins best Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

29 May 2019

After being shortlisted for two awards, 4D are delighted to announce winning best ‘Energy Efficiency Project of the Year’ at the industry renowned Data Centre Awards (DCS) for our adiabatic cooling towers.

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DCS awards 2019

Our award-winning cooling towers

After being selected by the DCS awards panel and then voted for by the DCS readership, the award recognises 4D’s eco-friendly cooling tower design built at our Gatwick data centre site last year.  The new ‘water tower’ system uses evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of the computers in the data centre. Evaporative cooling used in this way is very innovative in the UK but at its heart it’s the same process that we humans use to cool ourselves down- when we get hot, we sweat, and it’s this process of water evaporating off the skin which cools us down.

Adiabatic Cooling - A process of cooling using natural energy-transferring processes, like evaporation, not requiring an input of energy.

The use of adiabatic cooling is incredibly energy efficient, as other cooling systems need to be powered and use a significant amount of energy. Our cooling towers' energy efficiency makes them eco-friendly and cheap to run - a saving we pass on to our customers.

4D won the award along with its engineering consultancy, Aqua Cooling Group, who were commissioned to design and build the water tower. The DCS Awards recognise the achievements of the vendors and their business partners alike. This year encompassed a wider range of both facilities and IT award categories designed to address all of the main areas of the data centre market in Europe. 

What the award means to 4D

Co-founder and MD of 4D, Jack Bedell-Pearce said of the win:

It was a genuine surprise to be recognised for this project.  As a UK-based business up against some of the industry’s biggest names, this makes it even more special.” He went on to say, “we’re really passionate about pushing the usage of eco-friendly technology and if all data centres adopt these kinds of cooling systems we’ll collectively make a significant dent in power usage and the impact on the environment.

We at 4D are proud to be providing an award-winning environmentally-friendly service to our customers, setting us apart from other data centre providers. Our cooling tower system at our Gatwick site has a modular design, meaning we will be adding additional towers down the line when we have more racks filled on the data floor, and we can continue with this system confidently into the future. 

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