Home Insight British Cyber Force to the rescue

To follow the theme of CyberSecMonth, it was recently announced (but relatively under-reported) that the Ministry of Defence and GCHQ will be recruiting up to 2,000 new personnel to tackle cyber threats posed by an increasingly aggressive Russia and Islamic State.

British cyberforce to the rescue

With at least £250m earmarked for this boost in capability, it is clear the UK perceives cyber as a long-term national security priority – not only in defence but also in the offensive.

The former commander of Joint Forces Command (which is responsible for military cyber), General Sir Richard Barrons, said enhancing the UK's ability to launch cyber attacks is paramount at a time when countries such as Russia are already on the offensive:

"By adopting offensive cyber techniques in the UK we are leveling the playing field and providing new means of both deterring and punishing states that wish to do us harm".

UK businesses can expect more from the government both in terms of raising awareness and encouraging the implementation of better digital safeguards – especially for organisations that handle critical (medical, financial or defence) data.