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Cyber Security Blogs - a Data Centre's best 6 for 2019

12 February 2019

In every industry, there are websites that stand out from the crowd by offering exceptional content and resources to their readers. As a data centre provider whose responsibilities umbrella a number of solutions, including security services, we've come across a handful of cyber security blogs over the past 10 years we believe to offer the best insight into different sectors.

As part of our new "best of" series which celebrates great tech content, this post focuses on uncovering the best Cyber Security blogs you should be reading in 2019.


Cyber blog awards 2019


Cyber Security Blogs - Graham CluleyGraham Cluley

Working in the computer security industry for nearly 20 years, Graham Cluley runs a blog and podcast, which focuses on the latest cyber security news, and interviewing industry experts. From FaceTime bugs to IoT failures, Graham has the unique ability to merge internet security into trending media, which has allowed him to accumulate such a large following.


Cyber Security Blogs - GovTech


Government Technology

Author, blogger and international speaker on technology and security, Dan Lohrmann makes Government Technology's blog stand out as an excellent resource. Posts discuss a range of cyber security issues and help businesses better understand how technology impacts the workplace.

Cyber Security Blogs - IT Security Expert


IT Security Expert blog

Covering every aspect of the IT sector from beginner to advanced, The IT Security Expert Blog (ISEB) explores the latest cyber security trends and developments in the UK. The ISEB does a great job in taking complex theory and explaining it in a way a newbie to the industry can interpret. Running since 2007, there is enough content available in their archive to paint a picture of how drastically cyber security has changed over the past 12 years.


Cyber Security Blogs - RedscanRedscan

Winner at the 2018 Computer Security awards, Redscan are a UK-based Cyber Security company who not only offer cyber security-as-a service but write about it extensively too. From covering the latest news to sharing actionable tips on businesses security, Redscan do a great job in providing value to their readers regardless of whether they are a customer or not.


Cyber Security Blogs - KnowBe4KnowBe4

While the majority of websites offer blog posts, KnowBe4 takes a different approach. They've developed an impressive number of whitepapers, webinars, industry reports, master guides and free tools which dive deep into every area of cyber security. As one of the largest security awareness course providers in the market, they've transformed their website into an all-inclusive knowledge hub to educate their readers.


Cyber Security Blogs - TEISSTEISS

Born out of the success of the yearly cyber security conference, TEISS wanted to keep the conversation going all year round- they created a website which covers cyber security news, opinion and analysis. One thing that sets TEISS apart from its competition isn't just the theory they reveal, but the pragmatic solutions they offer to guard against internet security threats.