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4D’s Partnership with the Charity IT Association

2 June 2020

4D Data Centres is excited to announce our new partnership with the Charity IT Association. We've all had to adjust to a new normal in 2020, and 4D wants to help others so that we can all move forward together. 


CITA and 4D charity partnership

We are offering advice and guidance through CITA to a range of charities, and playing our part in building a better tomorrow, by helping charities with their ever-evolving IT needs.

4D is proud to be a sponsor and to encourage our staff and associates to register as volunteers to support CITA. We are also offering CITA registered charities the use of some colocation and public cloud services through 4D.

Who is CITA?

CITA was founded three years ago when it surveyed charities and found a severe lack of IT resources within the sector. Their study found that, of the charities surveyed, 42% had absolutely no IT staff – volunteers or hired – and that the sector as a whole was reliant on outsourcing their IT requirements, while also getting advice from their suppliers.

Concerned with the high costs attached to outsourcing, and the potential risks to charities from suppliers providing biased guidance, CITA was founded to help UK charities with their IT needs.

Since then they have been connecting their network of expert volunteers to charities who could use their help. CITA has helped charities improve every aspect of their IT, from new websites to launching cloud platforms.

“CITA is committed to helping build a world in which charities can harness the full potential of technology. We will help to achieve this by providing charities with access to affordable and trustworthy, independent technology services in order to allow them to achieve their own strategic mission.”

In only three years of activity, CITA has delivered 172 services to charities, with an estimated value of £735,000 provided.

“At 4D we wanted to work with CITA to provide support to the charity sector, especially at the moment when they are facing the combined factors of large amounts of funding having dried up and continuing the support that’s required. Much like all businesses, charities have a reliance on IT but, especially within small charities, limited resource to support or deliver that IT infrastructure – This is where we feel we can offer the most benefit, by offering accessible and scalable IT infrastructure with the backing of our expert support teams; 4D can offer platforms that will allow charities to continue the fantastic work they do while having the IT infrastructure needed to work remotely.” - 4D Founder and CTO, David Barker

Why 4D wanted to help

Charities do phenomenal work, often supporting people who have no one else to turn to. There are many different ways to help charities achieve their goals, but CITA spotted an issue that the whole sector was struggling with: IT expertise. A lot charities desperately need to update their systems, and while they are aware of that fact, they don’t know where to begin. They are unaware of the security and resilience risks that come from storing data on-premise. And also don’t understand their migration options, and what would be the best way to protect their systems. CITA stepped in to help when no one else was providing the necessary support, and offered guidance and expertise that these charities could trust, in a way they could understand and put into practise.

As a data centre operator, 4D understands how important a reliable IT system is to keeping an organisation running. Whether it’s communicating with and organising volunteers, handling the data of vulnerable people, or just needing a good website to attract people to donate, IT is an incredibly valuable and necessary tool for charities.

The work CITA does is indirectly helping thousands of people as the charities they’ve supported go on to help people in all walks of life. 4D was inspired by the impact CITA was having, and knew we could help CITA with this invaluable work.

"As Chair of CITA, I’m delighted that we are partnering with 4D Data Centres in keeping with our mission of helping charities improve their technology capabilities. 4D’s expertise and generous partner offer will go towards charities being able to harness the full potential of technology, and we look forward to a long and long fruitful association." - CITA Chair of Trustees, Danielle Green

What will 4D be doing?

There are two parts to 4D’s partnership with CITA. First of all, 4D will be providing data centre infrastructure for charities, helping them build more resilient and reliable IT systems. This includes rack space – ranging from quarter to full racks –at a heavily reduced rate, with the charities only paying for the power they use. There will also be public cloud resources dedicated to charities, completely free of charge.

Additionally, we will be providing thought leadership and guidance through sponsored events, once it is again safe to hold such events. These events will be organised by CITA so that they are attended by charity representatives who could really benefit from 4D’s expertise. They will be an opportunity for people to learn about the requirements and capabilities of strong IT infrastructure, while also being able to ask questions specific to their charity and its IT issues. We are hoping the first of these events will take place in autumn 2020, but this is dependent on the situation with Covid-19.

With both of these services, 4D will be providing the advice and support that we pride ourselves on offering as a people-focused data centre. Since we offer a full-suite of IT infrastructure services, we can provide unbiased advice on what solutions would be best suited for each individual charity, and help them work out an achievable and effective digital transformation strategy.

If you are a charity interested in working with CITA, please contact them to register, and they will help co-ordinate appropriate provisions. Charities that are registered with CITA post IT work that they need to have done online and CITA introduces them to suitable candidates for that work from our registered Volunteers.

What can you do?

If you provide IT services in any capacity and would be interested in contributing to the valuable work that CITA accomplishes, you can check out their website and find out more about volunteering with them.

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