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4D’s new portal – An upgraded one-stop-shop for our customers

To make it easier for customers to raise tickets, request access, and check on their system, we’ve upgraded our portal. The new-and-improved portal will save our customers time and simplify the process of getting in touch with us, helping us deliver the best managed infrastructure services possible.

Customer Portal Graphic on blue and green background

Why have we upgraded our portal?

At 4D we want our customers to have the best possible service, so as well as providing award-winning infrastructure it’s important that it’s easy for our customers to contact us and check up on their systems. In 2020 we already knew that our portal could be streamlined, and then in our customer survey it became clear that there was significant room for improvement:

  • Only 42% of customers said they regularly use the portal
  • Only 64% of customers rated our portal as Good or Very Good

Customer Portal Survey Stats

We took this feedback on board and prioritised upgrading the portal since we would like to have 100% of our customers using the portal to make their lives easier.

You can see the full results of our customer survey here

What specific improvements have we made?

We have made several streamlining changes to make using the portal a lot more straightforward. It's now easier to find everything you need, no matter what range of services you have (with our public cloud still having a separate portal).

The upgraded portal also has new functionality:

  • Contact permissions have additional functionality when adding other users to your account:
    • Contacts will now be able to login into the portal using their individual email addresses to help manage the account.
    • Specific roles can now be easily assigned to account contacts including the ability to receive invoices, request site access, portal access & manage contacts.
  • Ability to quickly view and send new tickets via the portal.
  • Quick link to our status page with any ongoing announcements visible on the home page overview.

What can you use our portal for?

Our customer portal is your first point of contact for getting in touch, and it’s your point of reference for checking account details and system reports.

For getting in touch, the most common uses of the portal are:

  • Raise a maintenance ticket
  • Send an access request
  • Request a service update

And for checking details of your account or your system, you can use the portal to check:

  • Contact details
  • Status updates
  • Bandwidth and other usage graphs
  • Invoices

How to access the portal

The new 4D portal (and the public cloud portal) can be found here: www.4d-dc.com/portals

You can also find a "LOGIN" button on any page of our website which will take you to the portals page:

Screenshot of the 4D Data Centres homepage highlighting the login button

Once you’re logged in you will be taken to a home page which will include:

  • A dashboard providing an overview of your account details
  • Quick links to several useful features
  • A status announcement feed
  • And a navigation panel on the left from which you can access the rest of the portal

Data Centre Customer Portal example homepageUnder “My Account” you will find the “Accounts” page.

Customer Portal Navigation Menu to Contacts PageThe Accounts page will let you make full use of the new functionality around managing accounts which were detailed above.

Data Centre customer portal accounts example page

Have any feedback?

This is just the beginning for our new portal, we’re planning on continuing the improvement we’ve made. We already have plans to create some ticket templates to make it easier and quicker to submit maintenance tickets for our customers.

If you have any other feedback for features you would like to see from our new portal, please let us know by emailing support@4d-dc.com. And please reach out if you any questions about the new portal.

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