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4D's Covid-19 Essential Business Resources & Latest Insights

We are committed to continually monitoring and responding where necessary to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic outbreak.

Here is a repository of helpful business resources, articles and the latest information that 4D has available on Covid-19.  Our aim is to update this page with links to both our own and reliable external resources to help mitigate risks and manage your business through these extraordinary times. 

Covid-19 coronavirus updated resources and advice for computer systems

4D's Covid-19 official response

Read our explanation of how 4D are protecting our clients and our staff, while avoiding any disruption to the services we offer. 

Understandably, this is a fluid and evolving situation, so the advice we provide will change over time, so please check the dates of publication below to ensure you're reading our latest statement.

Or you can watch the video below, from our CEO, Jack Bedell-Pearce:

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Reviewing the role of the office in your business

With more staff working from home than ever before, a lot of companies are reviewing the role the office has to play in their business, and seeing how they can make it more efficient.

Downsizing the office has the potential to save a company a lot of money while getting rid of it altogether could revolutionise the way employees work. We have several resources to help businesses review the changes they might want to make to their office: 

The ticking time bomb in your in-office server room

Companies are trying to avoid taking risks during the pandemic and the time of economic uncertainty it is causing, and so are limiting the number of changes they're making.

However, as most IT managers will confirm, sometimes doing nothing in the short-term leads to much bigger problems in the long-term – and we've put together some insight on how to avoid these long-term issues: 

How 4D and the DCMS are protecting data centres through the pandemic

Before the Covid-19 pandemic the UK didn't have a government department specifically responsible for our digital infrastructure. However, with the important work data centres do for the country, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is now responsible for ensuring the UK stays connected through the pandemic. 

4D has been working closely with DCMS and techUK to provide industry insight, and protect the UK's data centres. 

How Covid-19 made remote working possible for the VFX industry

A lot of industries, like VFX, require sophisticated hardware for their work, and so have never explored the option of remote working since it was considered impossibly. 2020 has proved that wrong, and the VFX industry (as well as others) has successfully used existing remote-working solutions to continue working with their staff at home.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 tech factors essential to successful remote working

With Government advice still recommending that everyone work from home where they can, companies need to make sure they have optimised their IT for remote working. We've put together an infographic to explain the different factors that this involves, and what you can do to support your staff working remotely. 

What to do if your office broadband isn’t up to remote working

Lots of companies have in-office computer systems which might be struggling to cope with the entire workforce now working from home. Ordinarily, a leased line would be deployed to increase connection speeds, but providers have ceased work during lockdown.

Our blog explains what your options are, during lockdown, for upgrading your IT system and increasing connection speeds for your remote working staff.

How is the internet coping with mass working from home?

With so many of us working from home, and our social interactions relying on video calls, we've never been more reliant on the internet, and it's never been under more pressure. It's very understandable to have concerns about the internet struggling to cope, because we couldn't cope without it. 

Read our blog explaining what network providers and data centres are doing to keep the internet running.

Mental health while working from home

Our CEO, Jack, has put together some tips for looking after your mental health while working from home in these exceptional circumstances. With a mix of advice from mental health organisations and personal insight, there is advice for looking after yourself through isolation, and how to support your staff.

Data centres are designed for resilience

We've put together an explanation covering: 

  • How data centres are built for resilience 
  • How they will be able to keep operating despite any effects of the pandemic 
  • What they will be doing to support everyone through this difficult time

So if you have concerns about how the internet, or your ability to connect to your office, could be affected over the next few weeks, read our blog and find out what you need to be aware of.

techUK advice for data centres

techUK's review of how Covid-19 will impact data centres is a useful resource if any of your IT infrastructure is hosted within a data centre, or if working with a data centre could help alleviate some of the system issues you're experiencing during this pandemic. 

Stay informed

As part of your Business Continuity planning it is important you regularly make yourself aware of the latest facts from reliable sources. Here are some links to sites that will provide impartial and well researched information on the Covid-19 outbreak:

Advice on how to future-proof your IT graphic