Our CEO, Jack Bedell-Pearce, gives his roundup of the biggest trends and news in data and cyber security in 2019, including data protection in a post-GDPR world, 5G, AI, and quantum computing.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at 4D!


The first major fine was handed out in 2019, and the EU supervisory authority has announced their intentions to issue 372 million worth of fines. So GDPR and data protection will have even more prominence in 2020.


The other big Europe related story, impacting investment and data. 23% of tech companies have delayed investment as a result of Brexit uncertainty. It is still uncertain whether there will be a no deal Brexit or not. If we do leave with no deal it would have a significant impact on data flowing into and out of the UK. And if a deal is negotiated, data protection and transferring will be one of the key negotiating points decided between Britain and the EU.


5G will continue its roll out in 2020, and will have a significant impact on how companies plan their tech strategies. Even if self-driving cars and a fully-realised IoT aren't accomplished in 2020, they're on the horizon, and people need to be planning for them, and how they'll deal with the huge amount of associated data.

Quantum Computing?

Google claimed to have cracked quantum computing in 2019. And while IBM have very publicly disputed this, it has refocused people onto the subject. So, in 2020, you can expect businesses to be focused on quantum computing and trying to make best use of this developing technology.

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