Home Insight 4D Gatwick deploys new UPS as part of £1 million investment

Hot on the heels of our expansion investment at our Gatwick Data Centre, we're delighted to report that Steven Wright, Operations Director at 4D, and his team have begun the new UPS upgrade at our Gatwick facility.

The move comes following plans for a £1 million investment into infrastructure upgrades and decision to hire more staff.

Gatwick deploys new UPS

"The new UPS will boost efficiencies further while providing an additional 400KvA (kilovolt-amperes) of power protection. We're also preparing for 50 more installations of high density racks," commented Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director at 4D. "And, of course, with these improvements and more businesses migrating over to our Gatwick data centre comes the opportunity to grow our team and train technical staff from the local area."

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides emergency power when the mains power fails. It also protects servers and other computing equipment from mains power spikes, which can be caused by things such as lightning strikes or short circuits.