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4D Data Centres' Covid-19 Latest Response Plan Statement

Updated December 2021

Important for 4D Clients:

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our number one priority has been the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers, while ensuring our data centres remain fully operational, safe and reliable. We will update this page in line with our regular policy reviews, so please revisit it regularly to stay up to date.

Pandemic Response Plan

Since our initial response plan, way back in March 2020, we continue to adapt and make adjustments. We factor in new government guidelines and continue to update the way we operate as restrictions change and new strains of the virus are discovered. 

Measures to maintain social distancing remain in place:

  • The number of staff on site at any given time is carefully manged:
    • Shifts for support and engineering staff are carefully co-ordinated to ensure that we are able to provide services to our customers 24/7.
    • Other teams are working from home wherever possible to minimise the number of people onsite.
  • All customer visits to our data centres have to be made by appointment only – further details on this policy can be found below in the section Access by Appointment.
  • We ask that customers maintain, at all times, at least 2 meters distance from 4D staff and other clients as recommended by government social distancing guidelines.

We do not expect these changes to have any material impact on our operations – in other words: it’s business as usual.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

We have thermal imaging cameras at our receptions to take contactless temperatures of those visiting the data centre. The cameras are dual image optical and IR thermal which means they can overlay thermal data onto a normal video stream.

  • Every visitor to the data centre will be tested before entering
  • If you return a temperature of 37.5° Celsius, you will be given the opportunity to acclimatise and retest
  • Anyone consistently returning a temperature greater than 37.5° Celsius (implying a fever) will be asked to return on a different day

Face Covering Policy

To ensure we provide a safe environment for our staff and customers we have put in place several measures to maintain a ‘Covid-secure workplace’. This includes asking all visitors to wear face coverings when inside our data centres.

With infection rates high, and so much still unknown about the new UK strain, this a compulsory requirement during any site visit.

If you visit us and don’t have a mask, we are happy to provide one. If you are unable to wear a mask then our team are here to support you, and you can make use of our remote hands service to save you from having to visit the site. Remote hands can be used for anything you need, up to and including deploying new hardware.

Access by Appointment

We are asking all our clients who wish to visit our data centres to do so by appointment only. We would also ask that you only attend site personally if the works are critical or urgent. This even applies if you are currently on the permanent access list for our data centres. This policy will be in place at least until the current UK pandemic or government guidance changes.

Site visits can be booked in by either logging a ticket through our Support Portal or sending an email to our Support Team at support@4d-dc.com

All access requests must include the following information:

  • Name of persons visiting the data centre
  • Date, time and duration of visit
  • Data centre location required to visit
  • Purpose of visit
  • Rack positions for which access is required

As part of our social distancing policy, we're utilising an access booking system to help control the number of customers on site. We would ask that wherever possible, customers give us at least 24 hours’ notice of a site visit. However, the minimum notice we can accept is 1 hour. Please do not head off to visit a site until you have confirmation that access during your requested time slot has been granted.

Protecting Clients and the 4D Team

Finally, we’d like to reiterate that our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and our team, which is why we continue to follow the following hygiene policies at all our data centres:

  • Hand washing - upon arrival all team members and visitors will be asked to wash their hands, or use sanitiser provided
  • Increased cleaning - we have implemented a daytime cleaning schedule that focuses on frequently used surfaces such as door handles
  • Site registration – signing in of team members and visitors will now be carried out by 4D Security and, until further notice, signatures will not be required. Our policies covering the requirement for government issued photographic identification, or registration on our biometric system, continue to be in place to maintain a robust security perimeter
  • Sanitiser – all communal workstations/ KVM trollies and resources have cleaning products next to them – these should be used before and after each use e.g. keyboards, mice, kettles
  • Hand-free doors – our door release buttons have been replaced with infrared scanners (image below) to reduce the amount of frequently used surfaces in the data centre

4D Hand-free door buttons