Hybrid Cloud

Create a cloud set-up to your exact specifications with our award-winning flexible solutions and expert support, 100% based in British data centres.


Hybrid cloud combines the high performance and security of private clouds or colocation with the flexibility of elastic public cloud platforms to power your infrastructure.

The hybrid approach to the Cloud can allow organisations to manage resources more effectively, maximising existing investments in infrastructure while unlocking new operational efficiencies or capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud?

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Why Hybrid Cloud?

  • Agility and Performance

Combining scalable public cloud with private cloud or colocation provides you with the perfect balance of guaranteed performance for intensive applications such as SQL databases with the flexibility of being able to react to changes in demand on the front-end.

  • Cost control

Avoid over-provisioning of front-end services for peak demand, while also controlling costs with a predictable monthly cost for high utilisation services.

  • Public Cloud Options

Hybrid cloud with 4D allows you to utilise the 4D public cloud platform, or any of the major public cloud providers (AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, GCP (Google Compute Platform), Salesforce, etc).

Why hundreds of organisations
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  • Zero power outages and 99.999% uptime
  • ISO 27001: 2013 certified and PCI:DSS security compliant
  • 100% UK-based & legally compliant
  • Our bespoke Cloud Portal delivers instant VM provisioning and deletions as well as 24/7 monitoring, one-click billing information and on-the-go access for mobile and tablet

4D Cloud Connections

4D provides a cloud interconnect service for all colocation clients; by utilising our  dedicated fibre network we are able to offer direct interconnection to the 4D Public Cloud as well as all major cloud providers through dedicated connectivity across our low-latency, high bandwidth fibre core.

If you’re looking for Amazon Direct Connect for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Express Route for Microsoft Azure Cloud,  Google Cloud Interconnect for GCP,  IBM Cloud or Oracle FastConnect for Oracle Cloud, we’re ready. If you have another cloud provider or network you need to work with, contact us so we can make the connection.

Cloud interconnects are terminated directly into your rackspace on dedicated uplinks at speeds from 1 Gbps through to 100 Gbps.

4D Managed Hybrid Cloud

4D’s Hybrid Cloud solution is based around private cloud infrastructure built using cloud platforms with dedicated, private connectivity into either the 4D Public Cloud or other major public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Compute.

  • Private cloud infrastructure built to your specifications and managed by 4D’s team of on-site engineers – Options of Hyper-V, VMware or OnApp (KVM/XEN)
  • 4D will handle infrastructure management, monitoring and capacity management with quarterly reports on private cloud utilisation and regular account review meetings to ensure we are aware of your changing requirements
  • Dedicated security, firewalling and patch management of the host infrastructure
  • Private cloud infrastructure will be hosted within one of our two UK data centres (owned and operated by 4D) based in Byfleet (Surrey) or Manor Royal (Gatwick / Sussex)
  • Dedicated host hypervisors for Virtual Machine performance and shared SAN storage for rapid expansion – Options of Hyper-V, VMware or OnApp (KVM/XEN)
  • Advice on how to best deploy your virtual environments and applications
  • Fast, scalable SSD cached storage with dedicated LUNs and RAID arrays for each private cloud
  • Direct client management of the virtual machines, virtual networking and storage

New to cloud? 4D can help. 

  • Hands-on consultancy
  • Dedicated account manager from initial project inception
  • Dedicated cloud expert to ensure the design, build and management of your infrastructure is tailored to your specific needs