Innovate faster with Hybrid Cloud

Update and migrate your existing IT infrastructure. We’ll create an integrated cloud solution and flexible hybrid environment that is perfectly tailored to your business requirements.


Get the best of both with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

4D provides you with an open choice of hybrid cloud solutions, creating a seamless experience across your infrastructure. Our dedicated experts will help you build the right mix of on-premise (or colocation), private cloud and public cloud platforms – all working together as part of your overall environment.

Combine Performance with Flexibility

Hybrid cloud solutions combine the high performance and security of private clouds (or colocation) with the flexibility of public cloud platforms to power your infrastructure.




A hybrid cloud consists of a combination environment made up of two major parts:

  • Your dedicated hardware
  • Flexible access to Public Cloud


When you need to use your public cloud provisioning, your critical processes continue to run on your dedicated system to protect them.

Shaping your digital transformation

Digital transformation offers the potential to revolutionise the very nature of your business – but for that to happen, you need the IT infrastructure to support it.

Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to overhaul the way we complete tasks and solve problems. It allows us to do things better and faster, putting us ahead of the competition and giving us the tools to grow.

A Hybrid Cloud solution, using both Public and Private Cloud, helps ensure you maintain a high level of security and flexibility whilst giving you the ability to pursue future digital transformation in whichever direction you decide.


4D - Why Private Cloud Should be Part of your Digital Transformation



Choosing a Hybrid Cloud Environment

The hybrid approach to cloud allows organisations to manage resources more effectively, reaping all the benefits of utilising dedicated hardware, without limiting themselves to that hardware when traffic demands the use of additional resources.

Get the security and control of a Private Cloud with the flexibility and cost advantages of Public Cloud.

Hybrid cloud is ideal for companies with diverse computer system requirements, as the combination of private and public platforms allows for tailoring your system to specific requirements.



Scalable Performance

  • Your private cloud or colocation provides you with reliable performance for demanding applications.
  • While your public cloud provision allows you to increase capacity when needed.
  • Dedicated host hypervisors for Virtual Machine performance and shared SAN storage for rapid expansion


Cost Efficiency

  • Reduce the amount of equipment you have to own and avoid over-investing in hardware you don’t use an a permanent basis.
  • Use Public Cloud for as many business functions as possible whilst keeping sensitive data and operations secure in the Private Cloud.


Flexible Deployment

  • A hybrid cloud can consist of as many parts as necessary, allowing you to tailor it perfectly for your operational processes.
  • Additionally, any legacy applications or localised data on your premises will still form part of your overall platform.

Seamless Hyperscale Interconnectivity


4D provides a cloud interconnect service for all colocation clients. We offer direct interconnection to the 4D Public Cloud, and all major cloud providers, through dedicated connectivity across our low-latency, high bandwidth fibre core.

Cloud interconnects terminate directly into your rackspace on dedicated uplinks at speeds from 1 Gbps through to 100 Gbps.





Connection to all major cloud platforms

We manage private and secure connections to all major public cloud platforms. If you have another cloud provider or network, we’ll work with you to make the connection.



Why 4D for a Managed Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Your tailored solution will be hosted in one of our award-winning data centres, combining our expertise with the latest cloud technology.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Our multi-layered suite of cyber security solutions, including firewalling and patch management, provides an integrated approach to seamlessly strengthen your overall security posture.

UK Based Expertise

UK-based Expertise

4D's Private Cloud is housed in our privately owned data centres across the UK, uniquely built to your exact infrastructure specifications and expertly managed 24x7x365 by 4D’s on-site engineers.

Capacity Monitoring

Capacity Monitoring

4D will handle monitoring and capacity management with quarterly reports and regular review meetings to ensure we are aware of your changing requirements.

Hands on Consultancy

Hands on Consultancy

Where ever you are on your digital transformation journey, we have a dedicated team of cloud experts to advise the best design, build and manage an infrastructure that is specific to your needs.

Dedicated Hypervisors

  • Dedicated host hypervisors for Virtual Machine performance and shared SAN storage for rapid expansion


  • Built around leading-industry standards with options of Hyper-V, VMware or OnApp (KVM/XEN)

Fast & Scalable

  • Fast, scalable SSD cached storage with dedicated LUNs and RAID arrays for each private cloud

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