100% UK Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud

What it's best for:

4D Hybrid Cloud allows you to connect private cloud environments, physical colocation, on premises infrastructure and public clouds together through our ‘4D Cloud Connect’ service.

It’s best for organisations with varying requirements for data security and performance or for those migrating from one environment to another (for example, from an existing on premises server infrastructure across to a public cloud infrastructure).

Traffic routing, encryption and networks are all entirely customisable to suit your requirements; one of our cloud experts will be able to work with you to design the best environment for your workload.

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Private Cloud Services

Private VMware and Hyper-V Managed Clouds

What it's best for:

Ideal for companies with high fault tolerance and security requirements. Everything is hosted on infrastructure that is dedicated to your virtual machines from the firewalls and switches through to the hypervisors and storage there is physical separation and dedicated resources.

All 4D private clouds are fully managed infrastructure, built around industry standard VMware or Hyper-V platforms. You'll have consultation with one of our cloud specialists to ensure the environment meets your immediate requirements as well as be able to scale as your data grows.

What it's used for:

Some of the common requirements for a private managed cloud include:

  • Web applications (IIS with SQL Servers or LAMP stack)
  • Hybrid cloud and colocation solutions
  • Data centre migrations and consolidation
  • Disaster recovery applications
  • High sensitive data with strict security controls
  • Disk or CPU intensive databases and applications

What else can we do with it:

Private managed clouds can also be connected into existing 4D Public Cloud environments, physical colocation or existing MPLS networks through a Cloud Connect service. This will allow you to extend existing networks for data replication, provide burst capacity within our public cloud or use the public cloud as DR for your private cloud environment.

Example Prices

New to cloud? 4D can help. 

  • Hands-on consultancy
  • Dedicated account manager from initial project inception
  • Dedicated cloud expert to ensure the design, build and management of your infrastructure is tailored to your specific needs

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