High Performance Colocation solutions

Optimised, flexible, and truly scalable high-performance computing (HPC) solutions made accessible from our UK-based edge data centres.


A data centre capable of computing modern enterprise problems

HPC (High-Performance Computing) allows you to analyse or process much higher volumes of data than ordinary server setups. This data processing has been used by industries like medical research and meteorology, but HPC is now being adopted more commercially.

There has been an increasing demand for businesses to use HPC to increase workloads and reduce costs, and it is essential for any company wanting to pursue:

  • AI/ Machine learning
  • Big data analytics
  • Simulations for forecasting trends

Our secure, Tier 3, UK data centre is the ideal environment to host high-performance computing systems, with their demanding power density and cooling requirements.

1. 4D - What is HPC
High Power Density Icon

High power density

3 Phase power capable of delivering resilient 10 to 45 kW of power in all racks, keeping your footprint (and costs) to a minimum.

Green Technology Icon

Green technology

Leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) and award-winning cooling technology minimises power costs, while maximising sustainability.


Flexibility for growth

High power capacity allows for many HPC systems at once, allowing you room to expand your system into the future.


State-of-the-art UPSs

Our uninterruptable power supplies are carefully monitored and maintained, protecting your HPC system from power failure.


Cutting-edge cooling technology to match powerful performance

Our data centres have been designed for high density deployments, and our infrastructure reflects this.

  • Racks can be equipped with a ready-to-go power supply capable of up to 45kW, and we can deploy our sophisticated rear door cooling wherever it is needed.
  • Our data centres operate at a much higher power efficiency than the industry average.


State-of-the-art evaporative cooling

  • Our adiabatic cooling towers use the natural cooling capabilities of water evaporation to run a highly effective cooling system.
  • The system is capable of maintaining the environment for heat intense HPC, while using very little power.
  • Sophisticated monitoring technology also ensures our system runs optimally with zero energy wasted.








Rear door chilling

  • Increased heat loads are handled thanks to our rear door cooling solution, connected directly into the same chilled water system which feeds the CRAC (Computer Room Air-Conditioning) units.
  • Our HPC racks run at the same safe temperature as our ordinary server racks, despite the increased density.
  • This means that an HPC system has the same footprint as any other computer system in our data centres.

Technical Features

Power draw 10kW up to 45kW
Power delivery

Three phase 32A (23kW) or 63A (45kW) A+B diverse power feeds

Rack-mounted cooling Rear-door water-chilled cooling
Rack dimensions 800mm wide x 1200mm deep
Power feeds UPS and generator backed dual diverse power
Data Centre cooling technologies Adiabatic cooling tower, Advanced Plate Heat Exchanges + Chillers
Backup power 2N generators


Our facilities benefit from sub 2-millisecond latency into central London.



Our options for business connectivity include:

  • Layer-2 fibre capacity: 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps Waves and MPLS
  • IP transit through 4D: Fully diverse multihomed 40 Gbps+, Tier 1 Networks - NTT, GTT, TI Sparkle - Peering at LINX & LONAP
  • Can allow prioritisation of traffic across your network
  • Managed routers with 24/7/365 monitoring from the 4D NOC
  • Combine your connection with a managed firewall


Using an edge data centre for HPC

Our edge data centre in Gatwick benefits from a combination of lower demand for power and lowered cost for the customer, while maintaining ultra-low latency, whether you are located outside a city or within it.


Gatwick Colocation

Customer-focused expertise and support

Hands-on IconHands-on consultancy

Expert in-house HPC capabilities

People Focused IconPeople focused

24/7/365 on-site technical support

Accreditation IconAccreditation

Microsoft & Cisco certified engineers

UK-Based Icon100% UK-based

Independently owned edge data centres

Certified IconCertified

ISO 27001-2013 certified and PCI:Dss security compliant

Always-on IconAlways-on

Zero power outages and 99.999% availability

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