4D’s Eco Credentials – green at heart

In the same way busses are more eco-friendly than cars, colocation data centres are the green option for eco-conscious businesses. 4D wasn’t satisfied with simply relying on this fact, and so we’re committed to making ourselves as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why you’ll not only find green inspiration at the heart of our logo, but also at the heart of our data centres.

Energy Efficiency Award Winners

  • We were early adopters of adiabatic cooling towers, which significantly reduce the energy use of our cooling system
  • Won ‘Best Energy Efficiency Project of the Year’ from the DCS awards
  • Won ‘Project of the Year’ at the Electrical Review Awards
  • Cut our energy use for cooling by 90%
  • In 2019 we added an additional adiabatic cooling tower to our Gatwick centre, continuing our commitment to this green technology

DCS and electrical review awards 2019

We didn't stop there

There’s more to our green technology than our cooling towers. We’re constantly pushing the technical boundaries of our core network, and similarly, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies which improve the efficiency of both our Surrey and Gatwick Data Centres.
Our key achievements have been:
  • Increased cooling efficiency through cold aisle containment in all our data centres​
  • State of the art UPSs with line-interactive / ‘Smart Active’ efficiency of up to 98.5%
  • Low energy LED lighting which uses motion sensors to shut off automatically
  • Our electricity is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin Certificates
  • We provide Carbon-Neutral cloud services through carbon offsetting

Data centre cooling tower


All of the above means we have achieved an all-year average PUE of 1.14 (Only 0.03 different from Google’s most cutting-edge data centre). 

All that cardboard

You’d be surprised at how much packaging accompanies a full rack of servers – it’s a lot. Unlike a lot of data centres that force you to take it with you, we’ll sort it, crush it and recycle it for you. Convenient and green.

If you want to make your company greener, talk to one of our experts about which of our environmentally-friendly services would be a good fit for you.