4D Onboarding FAQ’s

  • What speed is each vCPU, can you also provide more specs of the host machines?

We work at a 1:4 ratio of physical cores to virtual cores with our physical cores being 2.8 GHz (so each virtual core is about 700 MHz). You can burst to the full core speed if the capacity is available. Each node in the 4D Cloud has 16 dedicated cores (supporting a maximum of 64 vCPUs at 1:4 contention), 192 GB ECC RAM (supporting a maximum of 192 GB of virtual memory at 1:1 contention) and runs the ‘KVM hypervisor’.

  • Can we use images of our existing servers and deploy to your cloud network. With this can we use our existing Windows Licences?

You can use our free migration tool ‘4D CloudScraper’. An agent is installed on your physical server and an image is created as a template and sent to our cloud platform for you to deploy. You can use your own SPLA Licence, however others licences not covered (e.g. MS SQL) will need to be purchased either through 4D or by you.

  • Can we use our existing 4D IP ranges, so we don't have to change any of our server IPs?

Yes you can. There may be about 15 minutes downtime while the changeover occurs.

  • Are custom VM specs available, so we can create a server with X amount of RAM and X CPU cores for example?

Yes. You can purchase a ‘pool of resources’ and then create custom VMs yourself. 4D prides itself on being able to offer absolute flexibility on spec.

  • Is network attached storage available and what is the pricing for this? Can we mount the same storage drive to multiple servers?

Yes this is available. 1TB NAS is available for £50 pcm. Additional TB can be purchased for £25 pcm. I believe this can be mounted to multiple VMs if required.

  • What is the external network throughput?

100 Mbps as standard. 1 Gbps ports are available. The Internet connectivity into the platform is protected by a pair of WatchGuard firewalls providing intrusion prevention and detection for the whole platform. Traffic is then routed by the 60 Gbps 4D core network through a multihomed feed of Level3, NTT, Telecom Italia, Lonap and LINX routes.

  • What are the specs of each Vcpu?


  • When backups of VM's are performed will the server become unresponsive at any time?

No. Backups will happen in the background at the scheduled time. Backups can be restored instantly to a virtual machine allowing you to restore your data or applications back to an earlier state. You can also create new server templates from any backup so you can instantly deploy a new server of the same configuration and with the same data.

  • How many IPs per host? Can we obtain additional IPs? What is the charge?

IPv4 IPs are charged at £3 pcm. Please let 4D know at time of purchase how many additional IPs are required.

  • Is there are form of DNS service available instead of operating our own DNS servers? If so can you give details, and can we import our existing DNS record files in bulk as we have hundreds?

We do have DNS servers available for cloud clients. What format are the DNS records in? I am told that bind is preferable. If you have hundreds of DNS records that need to be changed there would be a charge for this and perhaps an ongoing management cost, but we would need a bit more info on what the process would look like to move them and exactly how many.

  • Can we backup network storage devices?

Yes – either to our NAS or to your own co-located kit.

  • Is the bandwidth allowance measured on inbound/outbound traffic or both?


  • What are the additional bandwidth charges?

10p per GB data transfer.

  • Can we buy a block of bandwidth to be used by all our servers? For example 20TB of bandwidth shared by all servers instead of having 1TB per host. This will aid in better utilization of bandwidth.

Yes this is possible. We can easily provision a ‘pool of resources’ with networking/bandwidth being one of these options.

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