Cyber Security Solutions

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Safeguard your company’s servers, network, cloud and data

“A third of UK businesses have reported having a cyber-security breach or attack in the last 12 months.” Gov.UK, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019

Are you prepared?

At 4D we take security seriously. In addition to providing robust physical security within our UK data centres, we provide a wide range of solutions to protect your business, systems and data against the worst cyber threats.

Our multi layered protection includes:



  • 24x7 always-on, or on-demand, anti DDoS solutions
  • Our platform protects your network and applications layer-2 to layer-7 attacks
  • Full visibility and on-demand reporting through the DDoS portal

Managed Firewalls

  • Fully managed, monitored 24x7 and resilient
  • Our Managed Firewalls with IDS, IPS, Anti-virus, and Anti-malware ensure the security of your networks
  • Full visibility, logging and reporting through our online customer portal

Threat Monitoring

  • Full visibility of IDS/IPS logs and firewall events
  • Automated scanning of your networks, applications and systems
  • Threat monitoring, identifying potential vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them


  • Secure backups of your servers and data, replicated across our data centres for ensure integrity
  • One click backup and restore for entire systems through our online backup manager portal

Get expert advice


4D is a member of Cyber Exchange- a not-for-profit initiative, enabling UK organisations at the forefront of cyber security to share and list opportunities, resources, news and events.

24/7 UK Support

We offer 24/7 support from our highly qualified UK teams. So, when you need help we’re immediately available on the phone, by email or through our online ticketing system.


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  • 99.999% network uptime trusted by the NHS
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  • 100% power uptime
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  • Protect your data with our Cyber Security Solutions
  • Flexible solutions built to your needs