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Our comprehensive, robust managed backup services.

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Managed Backup Solutions

Backups form a key part of a complete cybersecurity solution and can make the difference between a complete disaster and a small inconvenience.

Our managed backup services are designed to ensure you have a robust backup schedule in place delivering backup replication, bare metal restores, one-click management and full reporting.

Ease of Use

4D’s Managed Backup solutions eliminate the expensive and time-consuming process of managing your server, storage and data backups. Our fully managed backup platform uses R1Soft’s technology to provide reliable, secure and easily controlled backups.

Online Management

As part of 4D’s Managed Backups you get direct access to the R1Soft backup manager platform. This provides you with full visibility of all your backup endpoints, schedules, health and reporting. Through the backup manager portal, you can schedule new backups, restore complete system images, restore single files and create custom backups all with a few clicks.

High Performance

Our Managed Backup platform can reduce your backup windows down from hours to minutes, improve your recovery point objectives by replicating data to archive storage every 15 minutes, and reduce the impact of backups on your server loads.

Backup Replication

Backups are automatically replicated between the R1Soft backup managers in each of our data centres (4D Surrey and 4D Gatwick) ensuring there is always a secure copy of your backup data, and any requirements for an off-site copy of backup data are met as standard.

Our managed backup platform is built using industry leading software (R1Soft) to deliver reliable, secure and replicated backups across private clouds, public cloud deployments, and bare metal servers in colocation.

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Data Retention Policy

4D’s Managed Backup allows you to define your own backup retention policies through the online backup portal. You can define how often backups are run and the number of recovery points you need to retain to meet your backup policies. Old recovery points are automatically merged, and the storage used recycled for new backups and recovery points.


The Managed Backup solution works on almost all platform operating systems including Windows Server, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian and SUSE. There is also native support for VMware, Hyper-V, XENServer, Parallels Cloud, Parallels Viruozzo, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, MariaDB and Microsoft Exchange.

Secure Backup Storage

R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection 3.0 (Disk Safe) technology combined with RAID-6 arrays on the 4D Managed Backup platform offers secure storage for your backups. Atomic disk writes protect data from crashes and power loss while end to end encryption protections all data while in transit between your systems and our backup platform.

Bare Metal Restores

Bare metal restores offer a high-performance alternative to restoration of backups on a file by file basis. Bypassing the file system, bare metal restore streams block data directly to the disk which allows for the restoration of large file systems faster than traditional file by file restoration processes.

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