4D and PeaSoup: Launching Immersion Cooling

An award-winning cloud provider, PeaSoup, partnered with 4D to launch their new EcoCloud, hosted in an immersion cooling tank.



Both 4D and PeaSoup are focused on providing green IT solutions to their clients and leading the way to a sustainable future. Combining 4D’s resilient and energy-efficient infrastructure with PeaSoup’s cloud expertise facilitated the launch of PeaSoup’s ECO Cloud solution. This is achieved using immersion cooling technology – a SmartPodX from Submer – a breakthrough innovation that is much more efficient than traditional cooling methods. The deployment is the first of its kind to be commercially deployed in the UK and is hosted in our energy-efficient Gatwick data centre.

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4D has helped PeaSoup to deploy ECO Cloud service. From the initial discussion, they fully understood our needs and what we want to achieve. Their support team are second to none. Thank you!”

Martin Bradburn, CEO | PeaSoup

About PeaSoup

PeaSoup are an award-winning cloud provider that utilises the latest technological advancements so that they can deliver the best possible services to their customers. PeaSoup’s range of cloud services provides all the benefits of a cutting-edge IT environment without the expense, complexity and responsibility of cloud infrastructure ownership.

Key Stats


Heat dissipation capacity of 50kW


17% less power used on cooling when at full capacity


An annual saving of 2 tonnes of CO2es

The Challenge

PeaSoup had previously attempted to launch an immersion cooling system to host their HPC cloud but had run into several obstacles, including the specialist infrastructure requirements of their system. Finding a data centre partner wasn’t straightforward since PeaSoup needed a partner with the capacity of hosting their HPC servers while doing so in a sustainable way. A lot of data centres didn’t have the expertise of infrastructure to be able to host immersion cooling.

PeaSoup’s need for an industry-leading data centre with high-capacity but sustainable infrastructure is what led them to 4D. We also have a data centre site close to their offices, making it easy for us to collaborate together and plan out this complicated project.

I’m very happy that we’ve been able to deliver the immersion cooling system PeaSoup requested and become one of the few data centres in the UK to be able to offer this kind of cutting edge technology"

Jack Bedell-Pearce, CEO | 4D
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Why they chose 4D

  • Experienced and trustworthy engineers – With experience handling HPC infrastructure, our engineers are equipped to handle even complicated projects like PeaSoup’s immersion cooling.
  • Award-winning adiabatic cooling towers – This helps keep our
    infrastructure solutions environmentally friendly, but also reduces
    running costs by reducing energy consumption.
  • Proactive account management and technical support – As a people-focussed data centre, the 4D team are always ready to help give advice or provide technical support on projects.
  • Convenient access without compromising security – To setup and test the immersion unit required PeaSoup to have regular access to the data floor. This didn’t cause any disruption since the 4D access process is convenient, but doesn’t compromise on security so PeaSoup can be confident on the safety of their system.

Ushering the future of sustainable IT with 4D

Immersion cooling provides higher capacity and better energy-efficiency compared to traditional cooling technologies that use air circulation. However, it requires specialist infrastructure to host it, and has different maintenance requirements, meaning it isn’t commonly available. PeaSoup’s ECO Cloud service allows their end customers to deploy an environmentally friendly cloud, and 4D’s ability to offer colocation hosting of immersion cooling makes the technology available to a much wider variety of companies who couldn’t otherwise host it.

PeaSoup is able to guarantee excellent uptime to their clients taking advantage of their ECO Cloud, thanks to 4D’s 99.999% network uptime record, and the fact that we’ve never had a power failure. The number of clients using ECO Cloud continues to grow, and we at 4D look forward to collaborating with PeaSoup in the future on expanding their capacity or launching a new project.

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